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a republic in southeastern Europe on the Adriatic coast of the Balkan Peninsula

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SERBIA and Albania are facing stiff sanctions after UEFA charged the countries with a number of offences following the abandoned Euro 2016 qualifier in Belgrade.
Albania Property Group is an Albanian owned company that promotes real estate and tourism in the coast of Albania.
In 2013, approximately 17,000 tourists from Albania visited Macedonia, which is a 30 percent increase from 2012.
Albania has contributed to regional and global security.
Cholesterol levels seem to play an insignificant role in the etiology of CHD in Albania, which could in part explain the "Albanian paradox".
We believe that Albania has plenty to offer as far summer tourism is concerned and we can offer winter tourism to the vast market in Albania and therefore this project is being realized ahead of the new winter season," said Vele Trpevski, Macedonian Ambassador to Albania.
That report is going to influence the decision of EU member states whether to grant a visa-free regime for Albania and how to approach the further EU integration of the Balkan nation.
In statements to the press, referring to the signing of the agreement, Meta expressed hope that soon some Cypriot investors will invest in Albania.
The Shoura Council's delegation currently visiting Albania paid a visit today to the Islamic Mashiakhah (commission of Muslim community) in Albania and met with its president Sheikh Saleem Moka, who welcomed them and valued their visit to the headquarters of the mashiakhah.
Albania works with its neighbors bilaterally and in regional initiatives to combat organized crime and trafficking, and it is a participant in the Stability Pact and the Southeastern Europe Cooperative Initiative (SECI).
The paper added that Albania bought C18 and C16 missiles with Iranian money for Hizbullah and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement, which it then transferred to a company in Beirut called Offshore.
State Department had seen my articles on Eastern European organized crime networks, knew I had spoken about my coverage to other reporters, and wanted to know if I'd be interested in going to Albania to speak to journalists there about how I got into covering these stories.
22 to beat Albania in tonight's World Cup qualifier in Tirana, writes Dan Childs.
The Albanian government and the Export-Import Bank of the United States on Wednesday (29 June) signed an agreement on a loan to help Albania modernise its Air Traffic Agency and upgrade its navigation system, the US embassy in Albania reported.
ENI)--Religious leaders in Albania have pledged to co-operate in improving conditions in the country, which was declared the world's first fully atheist state and pronounced "cleansed of religion" in 1967 by its then-Communist rulers.