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whitish nervous tissue of the CNS consisting of neurons and their myelin sheaths

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In this study, the H+-Mn2+-CH COCH -BrO - was used as the chemical oscillation system to investigate the influences of electrochemical fingerprints of Radix Paeoniae Alba in terms of temperature, stirring rate, dosage, hydrogen ion concentration, etc.
As from completion of the acquisition, Alba will also take over the existing put and call option over the 10% free carried interest held by a minority shareholder in the Project.
Senor Alba loved the Philippines and loved serving the Filipino people through his cooking.
On Tuesday they were informed about a meeting with the human resources manager and, in the meeting, they were told about lack of vacancies at Alba at present.
However, Alba trains her staff in all of her methods and this allows her to see her vision through from concept to physical piece.
brose baskets v alba berlin - handicap betting (best prices): 10-11 Brose -7.
The settlement with Alba represents the best possible outcome and avoids the time and expense of complex litigation," Alcoa said in a statement.
Alba chairman Mahmood Hashim Kooheji presided over the launch of the women's sub-committee, which is expected to further strengthen and enhance the work of Alba Union widely regarded as the largest labour union in Bahrain.
Alba Arbuckle is a beautiful young woman living on a houseboat named after her mother, Valentina, in London in 1971.
Sunday as they left a party in the 400 block of Maclay Avenue, Police Chief Anthony Alba said.
Ferdinand Alvarez de Toledo, the third Duke of Alba (1507-82), is best known--both to historians and in the popular imagination--for orchestrating Philip II's repressive, blood-stained policies in the Netherlands, a role which earned him notoriety and the ignominious nickname the "Butcher of Flanders.
Dividing the post-1969 work into the categories 'Houses', 'Towers', and 'Housing, Institutions and the City', de Alba also adds a welcome preface from Mildred Schmertz, a long--but dry--essay by Robert Bruegmann, and a characteristically waspish conversation between Rudolph and Peter Blake.
Alba represented the old aristocracy; Eboli represented the acquisition of status through royal favor.
The uncertainty about how substantial the atmosphere of Mars used to be arises from an area known as Alba Patera in the Martian northern hemisphere, according to Virginia C.
NYSE:TFR) (TASE:TEFRON), one of the world's leading producers of seamless intimate apparel and active wear, today announced that its Board of Directors had authorized the exercise of its option to require Alba Health LLC to purchase its ownership interest in Alba Health, which manufactures and sells textile healthcare products.