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whitish nervous tissue of the CNS consisting of neurons and their myelin sheaths

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Pete Bartlett voiced pride in signing the agreement with Alba, expressing delight at entering in a promising partnership with Alba in the sixth Smelter expansion project.
The agreement between Tamkeen and Alba is to train these people for two years and, at the end of the training, they will be absorbed into Alba," Mr Al Moaraj told the GDN.
Alba will release its full-year and fourth quarter 2014 financial results to the public on February 9.
Expressing his gratitude, Alba Labour Union s Chairman, Ali Al Binali said: We are truly thankful to the Alba Board and Executive Management for announcing Family Health Insurance for all employees as well as the new benefits.
Alba is a New York and New Jersey commercial litigation attorney and business lawyer.
In 2007 Alba began attending Pure Vision Arts, in downtown Manhattan, whose mission is "to provide people with autism and developmental disabili-ties opportunities for artistic expression and to build public awareness of their important creative contributions.
Only CSKA Moscow have beaten them by more than three points since they suffered their Berlin reverse, while Alba were thumped 82-58 by Pana-thinaikos last week, which could take some time to recover from.
The new ALBA Balkan Recycling SRL will be active from now on particularly in the purchase of ferrous scrap metal (iron scrap) from smaller to medium-sized suppliers.
Also present at the launch were Alba chief executive Ahmed Saleh Al Noami, Alba Union chairman Ali Bin Ali, members of the sub-committee and female employees from Alba.
This was not gang-involved, not related to the shooting that took place on Omelveny,'' Alba said.
Ferdinand Alvarez de Toledo, the third Duke of Alba (1507-82), is best known--both to historians and in the popular imagination--for orchestrating Philip II's repressive, blood-stained policies in the Netherlands, a role which earned him notoriety and the ignominious nickname the "Butcher of Flanders.
Dividing the post-1969 work into the categories 'Houses', 'Towers', and 'Housing, Institutions and the City', de Alba also adds a welcome preface from Mildred Schmertz, a long--but dry--essay by Robert Bruegmann, and a characteristically waspish conversation between Rudolph and Peter Blake.
Alba represented the old aristocracy; Eboli represented the acquisition of status through royal favor.
The uncertainty about how substantial the atmosphere of Mars used to be arises from an area known as Alba Patera in the Martian northern hemisphere, according to Virginia C.