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United States journalist (born in England in 1908)

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Michael Parkinson, because he knows how to drive conversation, Carol Vorderman because she is another great communicator and finally Alastair Cooke because I enjoy Letter from America.
Alastair Cooke gets his 50 with Tom Westley, inset, making a solid debut
What a pleasure to hear, in Alastair Cooke's Letter from America this weekend, a well-trained journalist deal with the subject of the Geneva Conventions and those held for their part in the Afghanistan debacle.
It was the inspiration for the movie The Great Escape.1946 Alastair Cooke read his first Letter From America on BBC Radio.
Broadcaster & journalist Alastair Cooke, 93: Famous for his radio programme Letter from America, Alastair Cooke was born in Manchester, although his laid-back, immaculately presented broadcasts delivered in mid-Atlantic tones suggest otherwise.
This is a marvellous book showing that Alastair Cooke's writing matches the mastery of his Letter from America broadcasts.
On Four, you have intelligent ``talk'' programmes with lots of wit and humour,good plays,book and art reviews and the masterful Alastair Cooke's Letter from America.
SUNDAY 1946 Alastair Cooke read his first Letter From America on BBC Radio.