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Not entirely unremembered in Alaskan annals is the summer stampede of 1898 from Fort Yukon to the bench diggings of Tarwater Hill.
Greg Deal, Wells Fargo Alaska region bank president, said, "All of us at Wells Fargo are incredibly thankful for the first responders, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations like the Red Cross and Salvation Army that are working hard to help Alaskans recover and rebuild following the earthquake.
When it comes to our commitment to quality, excellence, and personal touch-we enjoy serving you with our very, very best," The Gifted Basket's Alaska-themed baskets feature an assortment of products made by Alaskans and are available at a range of prices, making them a great option for friends, family, clients, or other business associates.
The large revenue flows generated by the discovery of oil in Alaska precipitated a dispute over claims to revenue and to land ownership by native Alaskans (Indians, Eskimos, and Aleuts).
Alaskans have been pushing for a name change for years, led by Lisa Murkowski - a Republican senator from the state.
The fires of patriotism; Alaskans in the days of the First World War 1910-1920.
Over seven in ten Alaskans say they would not back Palin for president in 2016, while a little over one in ten said they would vote for her.
Denali Alaskan began using the service in spring 2008, and said it also has found it beneficial to college students, Alaskans who head south for the winter and traveling business people.
"Alaskans" is Tanyo Ravicz's collection of short stories telling of the life in the northernmost state.
The most recent rumor centered around A-B talks with the Alaskan Brewing Company, but the Alaskans say the story is completely groundless.
By the time modern Alaska emerged in the mid-1960s, native Alaskans seemed natural recipients for sympathy and affirmative federal action.
For years, lawmakers, environmentalists, and Alaskans have fought over whether to open Lip the refuge for oil exploration, Drilling advocates, backed by a Republican majority in Congress, are now closer than ever to having their way.
Over 80 percent of all commodities purchased by Alaskans flow through the seaport of Anchorage, spurring a competition for limited staging areas.
HR 1166 proposes to amend the Small Business Act, to improve and expand assistance that is provided to Indian tribe members, Native Alaskans, and Native Hawaiians.