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This feature will empower local Alaskan businesses to place bids and respond to opportunities through Buy Alaska's proprietary online platform.
Lesil McGuire says SB164 would essentially let Alaskans to purchase stock in the pipeline and earn interest on their investment.
To help shift the perception that seasonal seafood processing jobs are mostly for non-Alaskans, Copper River Seafoods launched a 3-minute video called Careers At Copper River Seafoods Start on the Processing Line, designed to encourage Alaskans to think about ways they might consider seasonal summer jobs as the first step into careers in their Alaska communities.
Alaskans are a traveling lot," said Keith Fernandez, assistant vice president for marketing at 56,000-member Alaskan Denali.
There are some rumors swirling around out there in the trade that we are in negotiations with Anheuser-Busch," says Kristi Monroe, marketing communications director, Alaskan Brewing Co.
These natives are being used essentially as fronts, what the Heritage Foundation's Ronald Utt calls "corporate shells," because of certain privileges that only Alaskan tribal corporations enjoy.
Many Alaskans speak of the jobs and other revenue that would flow into the state.
It's a traditional routine in the Alaskan winter, but this is no ordinary worker: Col.
The earthquake might elucidate the murky relation between the 400-mile-long Denali fault and other Alaskan faults, according to scientists who've begun analyzing the event and its aftershocks.
The energy bill which will come to the floor of the Senate sometime this winter has a provision which authorizes a federal guarantee for up to 80 percent of the value of any loan up to $10 billion obtained by the builders of an Alaskan natural gas pipeline.
The Alaskan district is a New American High School, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funnels millions through the district to provide training to other educators.
Drilling supporters also claim that most Native Alaskans support their position.
Alaska has not been a community property state; married Alaskans have held assets as separate property.
As a colonel in the Army National Guard, Nagel manages to squeeze several weeks each year providing free dental care for rural Alaskans as part of periodic missions also involving the Marine, Air Force and Navy reserves.
Though it's a temperate summer day, with temperatures in the low-70s, it's prudent to "dress for disaster," as Gillam puts it, guarding against a sudden drop in the mercury and the torrential, wind-whipped downpours Alaskans describe as "raining sideways.