Alaska Peninsula

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a peninsula of southwestern Alaska (a continuation of the Aleutian Islands)

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Further along the Alaskan Peninsula we visited Hallo Bay Bear Camp in Katmai National Park with a local guide.
Bill Stevenson, who owns and operates Alaskan Outfitting, has some of the best brown bear hunting areas on the Alaskan peninsula.
Photographer Rick Sheremeta, who took the snap at McNeil River Falls on the Alaskan Peninsula, said: "Instead of wandering off for a nap like the other bears did, she just sat down and promptly nodded off.
That said, for a really big bull my preference would be the much smaller Alaskan Peninsula herd, which has produced many fine bulls in recent years, including the new world record.
The versatility of our United States Army Dental Assistants was once again displayed during Operation Arctic Care 2005 held in the frozen tundra of the Alaskan peninsula from March 19th to April 1st.
The Aleutian Range, which runs from the Alaskan Peninsula the full length of the Aleutian Islands, is generally considered an extension of the Alaska Range.
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