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The primary motivation for launching the Alaska red king crab investigations was to determine the information needed (areas of abundance, crab capture methods, and canning techniques) to develop a domestic crab fishing industry, as it was noted that Americans were purchasing millions of pounds of canned Alaska crab meat taken by Japanese and Russian vessels operating in Alaska waters (FWS, 1942).
Following Alaska statehood in 1959, an EF&GR base was established at Juneau, Alaska, in 1960 (Greenwood, 1982) and the responsibilities of the Seattle EF&GR base concerning Alaska commercial fisheries, including the Alaska Crab Investigation Program, were transferred to Juneau, although only two of the Seattle staff made the move north (Simpson, 1982).
15 the official start of wild Alaska king and snow crab season, the strong demand for Alaska crab is expected to continue into the winter, says Andrews.
Reprocessed Alaska crab, pollock and yellowfin sole.
Alaska crab and pollock, for instance, are priced higher than Russian-caught crab and pollock.
Alaska crab prices continue to be impacted by illegally-caught Russian crab, Wink says.
Commercially caught Alaska crab is world-famous, thanks to both the reputation of the product and television.
The list of some 32 sponsors that helped fund the research ranges from Alaska Crab Coalition to Wells Fargo-Alaska and from ConocoPhillips to VECO--all heavy hitters in the regions' economy.
Heather McCarty (contracting to Central Bering Sea Fisherman's Association), Arni Thompson (Alaska Crab Coalition), and myself (Gulf of Alaska Coastal Communities Coalition), all members of the North Pacific Research Board Advisory Panel, discussed a report that Norway was enticing boats from Seattle to harvest thousands of red king crab considered a "nuisance" in the Barents Sea.
This effort is supported by the City of Kodiak, Kodiak Island Borough, the Alaska Crab Coalition, the United Fishermen's Marketing Association, the Gulf of Alaska Coastal Communities Coalition, Pribilof Islands Collaborative, Central Bering Sea Fishermen's Association and the Aleutian Pribilof Island Community Development Association.
"When company founder Chuck Bundrant began his career as an Alaska crab fisherman, he lived with his family and fished out of Kodiak," said van Omerongen.
Analyzing the interdependence of stakeholders in policymaking decisions is no longer simply theoretical; the recently authorized Alaska crab industry rationalization program, for the first time, analyzed and attempted to address the interdependent interests of harvesters, processors and coastal communities.
Boats in the Norton Sound fishery are disqualified from any other Alaska crab fishery.
In the meantime, red king crab rebounded back to harvestable numbers, and although the season is short, it makes a tidy payday for the booming Alaska crab fleet.
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