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closely related to Atlantic cod

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Chad See, executive director of the Freezer Longline Coalition, says that Alaska cod is some of the highest quality in the world.
The Alaska cod freezer longline fishery faces many of the same hurdles as the at-sea Pollock trawl fisheries, See says, including efforts to manage bycatch and modernize its fleet of vessels, the oldest of which dates back to World War II.
The nation's largest grocer is also adding Alaska cod, salmon, rockfish, sole, and crab to its broad seafood offering.
As for Alaska cod, Japanese buyers are paying $1,800 per metric ton for frozen headed and gutted fish, which amounts to $2.
The plant produces the rich omega-3 oils of locally caught Alaska cod and other fish species.
The Clipper Seafoods' Alaska cod is line-caught so there is little damage to the marine ecosystem or unwanted by catch of other species.
Alaskan Leader Fisheries is one of the largest sources of sustainably harvested, frozen-at-sea, hook-and-line caught, wild Alaska cod.
Alaskan Leader Fisheries will be dedicating 100 percent of the Northern Leader's Alaska cod to its program with Copper River Seafoods which gives customers total traceability and the benefits of the most modern and innovative quality controlled processing line.
Portugal also moved up significantly last year to rank ninth among Alaska's export markets due primarily to expanded purchases of Alaska cod.
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