Alaska Range

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a mountain range in south central Alaska

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Rafting down the Nenana River; guided mountaineering in the Alaska Range
It is bordered by the Chugach Mountains to the south, the Alaska Range to the north, the Talkeetna Mountains to the west, and the Mentasta and Nutzotin Mountains to the northeast.
The property is located along the south flank of the Alaska Range 15 miles west of the Parks Highway, approximately halfway between the cities of Anchorage and Fairbanks.
Spatial analysis of the results suggests gold and copper are strongly correlated with Pennsylvanian stratigraphy at the base of the Broxson Gulch thrust fault, a regionally extensive structure in this part of the Alaska Range.
The Yentna Mining District is located approximately forty miles west of the Parks Highway south of the Alaska Range, eighty-five miles northwest of Anchorage.
The project is located 240 km north of Anchorage, Alaska on the south flank of the Alaska Range and is road accessible.
Previous drilling of 15 holes intersected a mixture of sandy material derived from the Alaska Range and volcanic material derived from a nearby source.
provided an update on its high-grade Terra project in western Alaska Range.
He has scaled major mountains in the Alaska Range, the Cascades, the Rockies and the Andes and this spring, Parazynski will return to Everest with the intention of summiting the world's highest peak.
The nickel-copper-PGE-rich nature of this recent discovery emphasizes the potential for larger high-grade discoveries elsewhere within Nevada Star's MAN Project, East-Central Alaska Range, Alaska.
They're] getting this adrenaline rush, this thrill, but on top of that [they're] up in the tops of the trees, overlooking these beautiful valleys with all these rivers, and the Alaska Range is right there.
The Iditarod embraces the high technology research that allows products such as the Nomad and Yuma to create a safety net for the mushers and canine athletes as they make their way through the Alaska Range on to the Mighty Yukon River and across the Gold Coast of Norton Sound in order to arrive safely in Nome Alaska.
GPXM has acquired project areas in the Bonnifield district on the North flank of the Alaska Range, south of Fairbanks.
What you see from our deck is Denali, at a distance, with the three peaks and the Alaska Range," she says.
Enjoy stunning views of the Alaska Range and glaciers -- there's even a glacier landing
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