trans-Alaska pipeline

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an oil pipeline that runs 800 miles from wells at Prudhoe Bay to the port of Valdez

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Analysts blasted the speculators' greed with one working for JP Morgan Chase & Co saying: "This is a very, very minor leak." Gene McGillian, an analyst and broker at Tradition Energy in Stamford, Connecticut, US, admitted: "The Alaska pipeline closure is giving the market a bit of a boost.
108-324 clarified that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) could accept, review, and act upon applications for a new Alaska pipeline project; provided for a pipeline development loan guarantee of as much as $18 billion; and established guidance for FERC to regulate the pipeline's capacity bidding process so that it would be available to parties beyond the three major North Slope producers.
Continuing, Palmer pointed out that he had been asked many times recently as to whether or not the Alaska Pipeline Project was now dead because of natural gas prices.
ENERGY RESOURCE-10 February 2009-Fluor Venture Awarded Engineering Contract for Alaska Pipeline Treatment Plant(C)2009 JeraOne -
The processed crude petroleum converges on Pump Station 1, the beginning of the Trans Alaska Pipeline, seen here emerging from underground on the edge of the pump station and heading south.
The subject is Shannen Rossmiller, a real-life rural Montana mother of three who has melded her computer skills and knowledge of Arabic to infiltrate terrorist cells on the Internet, most recently helping the FBI get the goods on a terrorist hellbent on blowing up sections of the Alaska Pipeline.
The 2001 state order obliged BP to make an accurate determination of the amount of potentially corrosion-aiding sediment that had settled in the oil transit pipelines that carry export quality crude oil from the Prudhoe Bay oilfield to the Trans Alaska Pipeline, the congressmen said.
During his years as EPA administrator, catalytic converters became mandatory in automobiles, toxic pesticides were banned, the Everglades were saved from development, and the fragile Alaskan tundra was rescued from the damage that construction of the Alaska pipeline would have done to it had the pipeline not been required to run above ground for some of its length.
To launch their discussions on energy issues, members of the committee toured the Alaska pipeline and the Beluga Power Plant, a natural gas-fueled plant owned by the municipality.
First developed as a result of the Gold Rush, the city is now a major distribution centre and has grown rapidly as a result of the discovery of rich natural resources, the construction of the Alaska Pipeline and tourism.
Some of the most well-known projects are the Boston Harbor Clean-Up, Cape Canaveral, Alaska pipeline, and the Seattle Seahawks Stadium.
Today, TAPS is owned and operated by a consortium of companies that includes BP Pipelines (Alaska) Inc, ARCO Transportation Alaska Inc, Exxon Pipeline Company, Mobil Alaska Pipeline Company, Amerada Hess Corporation, Phillips Alaska Pipeline Corporation, and Unocal Pipeline Company.
Campbell said the Alaska Pipeline shows that wildlife can coexist with oil development.
The six were arrested over the weekend in a Midwest state while traveling in two cars, and were found to have photographs and information about a Florida nuclear reactor and the Alaska pipeline.
"The United States could save considerably more oil than comes down the Alaska pipeline each day simply by instituting well-known, reliable energy-saving technologies," Steiner said.
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