trans-Alaska pipeline

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an oil pipeline that runs 800 miles from wells at Prudhoe Bay to the port of Valdez

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Gene McGillian, an analyst and broker at Tradition Energy in Stamford, Connecticut, US, admitted: "The Alaska pipeline closure is giving the market a bit of a boost.
Campbell said the Alaska Pipeline shows that wildlife can coexist with oil development.
ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- ExxonMobil, ConocoPhillips, BP and TransCanada, through its participation in the Alaska Pipeline Project, announced today that they are working together on the next generation of resource development in Alaska.
Schank began driving for Lynden Transport in 1975 delivering essential supplies and materials for the Alaska pipeline construction.
The Flint Hills refinery has been operating since oil started to flow through the Trans Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS) in the late 1970s.
The chief executive of ConocoPhillips, the biggest oil producer in Alaska, warned of diminished flow through the Trans Alaska Pipeline System and issued a plea to state leaders to cut production taxes as proposed in a bill pending in the legislature.
N) on the massive Alaska Pipeline Project, made the announcement Friday, at the close of a 90-day open season designed to attract confidential offers from would-be natural gas shippers.
But any accolades for this forward-looking approach are gravely undermined by a trio of recent disasters: a deadly Texas refinery explosion in 2005, one of the largest Alaska pipeline spills ever in March and now the unprecedented closure of the nation's largest oilfield because of astonishingly poor maintenance.
For instance, during frigid winters, girders exposed to the elements can crack -- a problem noted during construction of the Alaska pipeline.
ESI), a world-leading supplier of software solutions that optimize operational and commercial performance of oil and gas pipelines, announced that its PipelineManager[R] modeling and leak detection application has been selected by Alyeska Pipeline Service Company to serve as the foundation for leak detection and slack flow monitoring on the Trans Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS), one of the largest and most complex pipeline systems in the world.
He represented the Williams Company as an international pipeline negotiator and spent time on the Trans Alaska Pipeline System as well as on pipeline projects in South America and the Middle East.
No matter how you measure it, the Alaska Pipeline Project would be an exceptional world leading project and one of the largest private investments in the history of North America," Paul Pike, ExxonMobil's senior project manager for the line, said.
Another big user of the Halon-filled fire bottles is the network of oil derricks on the Alaska Pipeline, he noted.
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