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a peninsula of southwestern Alaska (a continuation of the Aleutian Islands)

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Back in 2009, I hunted for the first time on the Alaska Peninsula. On that hunt, I arrowed a good nine-foot-plus brown bear--my best one to that point.
Our analysis suggests a somewhat more complicated population history in Southwest Alaska in the wake of the Aniakchak II eruption, as parts of the Alaska Peninsula and the Aleutians were peripheral to the plume of ash fallout.
Key words: Alaska Peninsula, distribution, Lynx, Lynx canadensis, southwest Alaska
Katmai is located on the Alaska Peninsula, which stretches southwest from Anchorage toward the Aleutian Islands.
In the northeastern Pacific, Tanner crabs occur in coastal waters of Washington and British Columbia, in the Gulf of Alaska, westward along the Aleutian Islands, and northward across a broad swath of the Bering Sea shelf from the Alaska Peninsula northwestward to approximately 58[degrees]N (Zheng & Kruse 2006, Nielsen et al.
If that fact takes you to the forty-ninth state in search of a trophy Alaska Peninsula brown bear, well sir, aim well.
U.S.A.: ALASKA: Alaska Peninsula: Cold Bay, 1.6 km N of Cold Bay village, on rotting log at base of cliffs, 1971, N.
The latest eruptions from the 8,225-foot (2,507-metre) Veniaminof Volcano, on the Alaska Peninsula nearly 500 miles (805 km) southwest of Anchorage, marked some of the strongest unrest detected at the site this summer and may intensify, the Alaska Volcano Observatory warned.
"Archaeology on the Alaska Peninsula: The Northern Region, Fifty Years Onward," By Don Dumond; chronicles UO archaeological research in the northern segment of the Alaska Peninsula since 1960.
Our study was conducted on the Alaska Peninsula, Alaska, USA.
Those are just some of the challenges facing the Izembek National Wildlife Refuge, near the tip of the Alaska Peninsula, in trying to recover a sea duck called the Steller's eider (Polysticta stelleri).
Seeb and Crane (1999) indicated that existing populations from the Alaska Peninsula south to Washington may have derived primarily from the southern refuge, whereas Asian and western Alaskan populations may have derived from a northern refuge.
Operations ranged from Frederick Sound in Southeast Alaska to Yakutat Bay, Prince William Sound, Cook Inlet, Kodiak Island, Shelikof Strait, the south side of the Alaska Peninsula, the southern Bering Sea, and north to St.
Most moose reported at Izembek were on an adjacent unit of the Alaska Peninsula NWR but were managed by Izembek.
Areas on the Alaska Peninsula, accessed out of King Salmon, have remained stable and provide quality caribou hunting, but transportation costs make this hunt a bit more expensive.
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