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a member or descendant of any of the aboriginal peoples of Alaska

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With the creation of ANCs and the Native 8(a) program, Alaska Natives have seen dramatic improvement in their ability to provide for their people.
Environmental Protection Agency announced today it is awarding over $888,000 to the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium to research how climate change has impacted food and water security in remote Arctic Alaska Native villages.
Improving surveillance among American Indians and Alaska Natives is part of the National HIV/AIDS Strategy.
Vaccination is currently recommended in all American Indians and Alaska Natives aged 2-64 years.
Number of states where American Indians and Alaska Natives were the largest race or ethnic minority, according to 2006 estimates.
As SBA considers new rules for tribally owned businesses, leaders of Alaska Native Corporations urged the agency not to place restrictions on their access to government contracts.
It is hard to argue that sluicing the tax dollars through no-bid contracting deals somehow makes Alaska natives any less dependent upon political aid.
Global warming, long-range transport of contaminants, individual pollution events and other factors are making big changes in the natural world upon which Alaska Native culture depends.
An outbreak of botulism type E affected 8 of 14 Alaska Natives who ate muktuk harvested from a dead beached whale found on the remote Alaska Bering Sea littoral.
Effective interventions are desperately needed to prevent and curb heart disease among American Indians and Alaska Natives, an April AJPH study found.
As Congress Debates, Report Finds Contracting Opportunities Effectively Integrating Alaska Natives and Market Economy
With chapters all over the state, the organization advocates to federal, state, and local government about education, citizenship, economic development, and other issues important to Alaska Natives.
Infant deaths among rural American Indians and Alaska Natives have declined in recent years, showing "encouraging" improvement, according to a study in the April issue of AJPH.
The agency currently has Medsphere-powered EHR installations at 67 facilities, and plans to roll out the system to 40 additional sites over the next year to help improve patient care and safety for American Indians and Alaska Natives.
1% The percentage of American Indian and Alaska Natives, alone or in combination with other races, who were grandparents living with at least one of their grandchildren in 2013.
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