Betula neoalaskana

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Alaskan birch with white to pale brown bark

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Substantial improvements in lumber grade and value of Alaska birch were possible with slight modifications to the treatment of small defects and other character markings under existing NHLA grading rules.
If grading rules that did not penalize small defects in Alaska birch lumber were adopted, substantial improvements in overall lumber grade and value could be expected.
We try to offer products that are very high quality and as natural as possible," says Jeff Weltzin, owner of Original Alaska Birch Syrup Co.
The total volume of standing sawtimber for all commercial species in interior Alaska is estimated to be 31 billion board feet (BBF) (Wheeler 2001), and Alaska birch accounts for about 8 percent of this total (approximately 2.
The presence of knots, bark pockets, and other character mark features in Alaska birch is a disadvantage when selling lumber under standard National Hardwood Lumber Association (NHLA) lumber grades (NHLA 1998).
Donovan and Nicholls (2003) reported that distinctive character marks on Alaska birch cabinet doors could command a price premium and possibly may appeal to a smaller proportion of the population than would doors having fewer or less distinctive character marks.
Consumer preferences and willingness to pay for character-marked cabinets from Alaska birch.
The Alaska birch trees harvested to produce these flitches were located approximately 60 miles north of Anchorage, Alaska, and trees averaged about 60 to 80 years of age.
The development of new grading rules for Alaska birch lumber could actually benefit cut-stock production and value, particularly if rustic grades were established.
A common concern among lumber producers and consumers is the large proportion of knots, heart stain, and other defects found in Alaska birch.
To better determine this potential for Alaska birch, a study was recently conducted to evaluate consumer preferences for Alaska birch kitchen cabinet doors containing various types of character marks.
The influx of low-priced craft items from foreign producers created to resemble locally produced Alaska birch items has the potential to reduce sales and market share.
There seems to be a general agreement that small-scale logging is beneficial," says Zachel, owner of Alaska Birch Works.
In Fairbanks, Bob Zachel, owner of Alaska Birch Works, has harvested birch and aspen for the last four years for his own sawmill as well as for local shops.
Last year, Alaska Birch Works sold 26,000 board feet of lumber and expects to sell about the same amount this year.
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