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Anchorage based air charters serving Alaska, Canada, and the Lower 48.
If the tariff war continues, she said, "What's going to happen is China is just going to stop buying Alaska fish."
'We would like to thank Calvin for six years of service with Alaska and the good memories.
Alaska Air Cargo said it will utilize the belly space in these aircraft to provide customers with new shipping destinations and increased frequencies throughout the Alaska Airlines system.
Tidwell will oversee all safety functions, develop and execute long-term safety and security strategies and continue to advance Alaska Airlines' world class safety culture.
TAR Holdings, an entity for which Karen Singer serves as the sole member, has indicated in its purported notice of nomination that it is seeking to nominate the following three candidates to Alaska Communications' board of directors: Steven G.
Johansen, examines the guilty but mentally ill verdict in Alaska's criminal justice system.
FAA proposes $210,000 civil penalty against Alaska Airlines.
Where Alaska will now join the Alaska portfolio of print and online publications of MVP, which includes Alaska Magazine, The Milepost, the Alaska Journal of Commerce, The Chugiak/Eagle River Alaska Star, the Alaska Equipment Trader and Destination Alaska.
Alaska Airlines Alaska Airlines and the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute Unveil 129-foot Salmon.
Alaska has 181 Michigan has 2, and Montana has 1 participant.
"This year we have seen significant resource exploration and development in Alaska," said Irwin.
Alaska at war, 1941-1945; the forgotten war remembered.
Author John McGoldrick lived in Alaska from 1977 to 1983; in Alaska Memories: Adventure in the Wilds of Alaska, he recounts his days as a clam digger, carpenter, gold miner, and mountaineering guide.