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Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan members may now transfer miles from their own accounts into the accounts of other Mileage Plan members.
Skagway is one of the rare Southeast Alaska towns that can be reached by motor vehicle.
Waltz With Me, Alaska will appeal to any reader who wants to learn about Alaska.
But more than a half million people a year still see Alaska from the decks of large 2,000-passenger cruise ships.
Alaska Airlines Flight 261 from Puerto Vallarta to San Francisco is reported to have fallen off the radar scope approximately 20 miles north of the Point Mugu, California, coast.
The Alaska Trust Act changed two aspects of the Alaska statutes, offering significant advantages that may be of interest to individuals outside of Alaska.
A combination of poor weather and wolf predation has contributed to the herd's decline, says wildlife biologist Wayne Regelin of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.
Forest Service attract the two giants that dominate the industry in southeastern Alaska: Ketchikan Pulp Company (KPC), now a Louisiana-Pacific subsidiary, and Alaska Pulp Corporation (APC), a Japanese producer.
Fairbanks, Alaska (Milepost 1523) promotes itself as the ``End of the Alaska Highway.
During July and August, without lodging reservations, you take your chances,'' said Roxanne Brown, whose family operates the Westend RV Park in Fort Nelson, British Columbia, at Milepost 283 along the Alaska Highway.
In the final terrifying minutes of doomed Alaska Airlines Flight 261, the pilots told flight controllers of their desperate struggle to stabilize the plane as it dived, leveled off and finally plunged into the Pacific Ocean.