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'I already have someone in mind but he's still in the MPBL,' said Alas. 'Let's see if we can offer him a per-conference contract.'
I interviewed three of four teachers whose students participated in ALAS. A fifth grade teacher said her students often wore the Chinese pendant necklaces I made them and that the children felt proud to be in ALAS.
'Our fortitude should be like this moving forward because once you set a goal it shouldn't be lower than what you just did,' said Alas. 'You should at least what you just did or surpass it.'
"It happened in front of me," said Alas. "I thought Cabagnot hit R.
The SBS also quoted East Timor Nobel Peace Price laureate Jose Ramos-Horta as saying he has information from fellow laureate East Timor Bishop Carlos Felipe Ximenes Belo that "something horrible took place" in Alas. The massacre report temporarily halted ongoing tripartite talks between Indonesia and Portugal under the auspices of U.N.
"It's part of my commitment and loyalty to the team," said Alas.
'I'm just making sure everybody gets their playing time,' said Alas. The piece of paper represented a tangible reminder that Alas was here as a first-time all-star coach.
"Nagusap nga kami ni coach Caloy (Garcia), sabi namin pareho kami ng problema," said Alas.
Until we know our opponent, we cannot fully prepare for the playoffs,' said Alas.
NLEX coach Yeng Guiao called a timeout afterward, thus beginning another long road to recovery for Alas.
He's already in high spirit,' said his father Louie Alas.
We're taking a 10-day break, and we have the opportunity to study and prepare more," said Phoenix coach Louie Alas.
"Actually, marami akong nakita na negatives pero lagi kaming naka-focus dun sa positive kasi," said Alas.
Calvin Abueva came off the bench to shoot 22 points, grab 14 rebounds and block two shots that pumped up the Fuel Masters no end as a total of seven players finished in twin digits in scoring for Alas.
And even if they're left with eight or seven players, they would come out and compete," said Alas.