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Synonyms for alarmist

Synonyms for alarmist

one who needlessly alarms others


Words related to alarmist

a person who alarms others needlessly

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Debate fright: Trump administration calls for scientists to engage in an open, public debate have alarmists in terror of exposure;
Alarmist scares over fracking and climate AGAIN Trefor Davies expresses alarmist views on fracking (letters, April 1).
He was careful to note that his research funding was from NASA, not Exxon Mobil, despite frequent accusations by climate alarmists.
One of my responsibilities involves looking out for any danger that might threaten NEHA, so I tend to pay attention to what the alarmists have to say.
Alarmists tend to be more liberal and hold strong egalitarian views, he said.
Astrophysicist Sallie Baliunas delivers an update on the state of global warming--and takes the temperature of overwrought climate alarmists in "Full of Hot Air" (page 64).
Instead, the nation's watch keepers, sentinels and full-time alarmists should start saying things like: "Researchers report that sleep deprivation is now costing the American economy a ton of money.
The alarmists would like you to believe that crayons and mud pies are developmentally appropriate; KidPix is not.
In summary, many of the predictions over the past few months have been totally unjustified and the RICS will continue to give a balanced and realistic view of the housing market, whatever the alarmists say.
These people are hard-working, level-headed souls, anything but alarmists.
Typical of the alarmists was an article in the Toronto Star which announced the birth of India's billionth citizen.
While officials have serious concerns about some herbs and supplements, the reality of vitamin and herbal product regulation is, they say, just the opposite of what alarmists are telling their flocks.
The Rainmaker: Dan Rather, in full yellow, multi-pocketed, nor'easter rain gear, is parachuted into the heart of El Nino to debunk the weather alarmists who predict an unusually wet winter.
The sort of worst-case global warming scenarios beloved by greenhouse alarmists are exceptionally implausible.