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Synonyms for alarmist

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Synonyms for alarmist

one who needlessly alarms others


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Words related to alarmist

a person who alarms others needlessly

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When documents emerged showing that the Trump administration was preparing to create a committee to review federal "climate science," alarmists became apoplectic, claiming the panel would be entirely composed of "climate deniers," despite only one person's name being released.
'Of the 20 countries in the world using Dengvaxia, only in the Philippines are we allowing alarmists to exaggerate things and sow fear in public,' she added.
He also writes that "global warming alarmists" have nothing to contribute to the debate but name-calling.
Alarmist scares over fracking and climate AGAIN Trefor Davies expresses alarmist views on fracking (letters, April 1).
This was supported by Al Gore, Australia's ABC and all the usual alarmists. Unfortunately for them, Arctic ice now stretches in a continuous sheet from Canada to Russia and 20 yachts that planned to publicise this year's ice-free Arctic are now stuck in the ice.
In any event--and since NEHA is really your association--I thought you might be interested in what some of the alarmists are saying about organizations like ours, especially since many of these writings and predictions take as their basis the ways that modern trends are influencing you and your perceptions of us.
First, the "alarmists," who envision the death of the planet and indulge in apocalyptic visions of post-nuclear-war-like scenarios.
Astrophysicist Sallie Baliunas delivers an update on the state of global warming--and takes the temperature of overwrought climate alarmists in "Full of Hot Air" (page 64).
The main problem is that environmental groups are too often alarmists. They have an awful track record, so they've lost credibility with the public.
Instead, the nation's watch keepers, sentinels and full-time alarmists should start saying things like: "Researchers report that sleep deprivation is now costing the American economy a ton of money." Or, "Illegal downloads of music are now costing the music industry a pretty penny." Or, "Spam is resulting in more annual lost productivity than you can shake a stick at it." Finally, "If we don't do something about our imperiled social security system, retirees could lose the whole kit and caboodle."
The alarmists would like you to believe that crayons and mud pies are developmentally appropriate; KidPix is not.
"In summary, many of the predictions over the past few months have been totally unjustified and the RICS will continue to give a balanced and realistic view of the housing market, whatever the alarmists say."
MacLeod noted that CA too has not been afraid to directly challenge "alarmists who are still trying to deprive us of the benefits of innovation, technology, and competition."