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a chemical sprayed on fruit trees to regulate their growth so the entire crop can be harvested at one time


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Bradley is the reporter who kicked off the Alar scare back in 1989 with his completely unfounded claim that the pesticide was "the most potent cancer-causing agent in our food supply.
Developing a better understanding of the public's view of pesticides may enable both government and the agricultural industry to implement policies and practices which are more compatible with public preferences and thus avoid future debacles of the magnitude surrounding consumer rejection of apples due to the Alar scare.
Hartmann, 67, served as chairman of the Washington Apple Commission in 1990 and 1991, helping mend economic damage to the state's apple business following the Alar scare.
HB 352 was prompted by the Alar scare, in which apple producers across the country lost hundreds of millions of dollars after a national television program aired allegations that the growth enhancer Alar -- used on apple trees -- was highly carcinogenic.
Refreshingly, she is also skeptical of the professional public crusader, and puts the interest groups behind the Alar scare in their place.
Urnovitz cited the Alar scare of 1989 and the devastating economic effects to Washington apple growers, who have still not fully recovered, as a good example of such problems.
This brings back memories of the devastating economic effects the Alar scare had on Washington's apple industry -- from which it is still trying to recover.