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Synonyms for Alar

a chemical sprayed on fruit trees to regulate their growth so the entire crop can be harvested at one time

of or relating to the axil


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having or resembling wings

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"The fact is that if there is an assumption that something is bad, like Alar, you are not going to be able to use it, even if it is later proved to be safe."
If all that mattered were the numbers, then you should be nearly 400 times more worried about being killed in a car accident than dying from cancer caused by Alar, at least according to the EPA's estimate.
Subcutaneous pedicled type causes trap-door deformity and alar region disfiguring when used for tip region defects.
Review of the literature revealed congenital deficiencies of the alar cartilages are very rare.
Debido a esta condicion, no esperamos que haya efecto en la variacion de la forma alar asociada a la fuente de los datos.
The standard material for reconstructing the nasal alar lobule following two-layer excision of skin cancer is autologous cartilage harvested from the nasal septum, ear or rib; however, donor site morbidity limits its use (11).
Tables I and II show the results obtained in the study, being the alar base length and the nasolabial angle, considering the normal position and the smiling movement.
The objective of this article is to demonstrate that combining these two techniques: alar batten grafts and turning over the alar cartilages can be beneficial in the management of concave alar cartilages and provide pleasing long-term esthetic results.
Alar Kolk, President, EIA, commented: "The people at QSTP have been an essential part of our programs in Europe.
Widening of the alar base occurs following almost all maxillary osteotomies, especially with impaction and/or advancement (6) or segmental advancement and widening (7).
MAE cyfrol unigryw am alar wedi torri record am werthu allan brin fis ar ol ei chyhoeddi'n wreiddiol.
With Sparta Prague star Janko crocked, uncapped Alar of Sturm Graz was last night drafted in.
Air Liquide Arabia (Alar), a joint venture between France-based Air Liquide and Saudi Industrialization and Energy Services Company (Taqa), has announced the startup of the Middle East's first hydrogen pipeline network in the industrial city of Jubail, on the east coast of the kingdom.
Arab News The ALAR Hydrogen Pipeline Network brings world-class hydrogen capabilities to Jubail.