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Synonyms for Alar

a chemical sprayed on fruit trees to regulate their growth so the entire crop can be harvested at one time

of or relating to the axil


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having or resembling wings

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Some nasal tip deformities due to alar cartilage abnormalities.
In our almost all cases Alar retraction was addressed at end of the surgery.
Assurance's Nasal Alar SpO2 sensor, which is applied to the nasal ala, often detects SpO2 changes faster than a finger-applied sensor, especially in the presence of poor peripheral perfusion, an early response that can be critical for timely clinical intervention.
En los ultimos anos de su gobierno en Lycandros, Alar conoce a Ana Alesi, la cretense.
But it was the Austrians who came closest to the next goal as Alar was denied by a brilliant Adam block.
Austria restored their lead three minutes before half-time via Alar.
The Natural Resources Defense Council and others had long fought to ban Alar from use on food crops, citing studies showing an elevated risk of cancer if consumed in large quantities over a long period of time.
The authors suggest that overreaction to the tiny risks posed by nuclear waste, terrorism, the chemical Alar, the toxic waste at Love Canal, anthrax in the mail, and even sharks have produced regulations whose costs far exceed their benefits.
SCORES of people were evacuated from a Huddersfield building yesterday after a false alar m.
In 1989 actress Meryl Streep appeared on "60 Minutes" and said the use of the growth regulator Daminozide, commonly known es Alar, on apples grown for human consumption would cause cancer.
Ahmad Javed Baidar told Pajhwok Afghan News seed and fertilisers were distributed to 13,480 farmers from Khan Charbagh, Daulatabad, Qisar, Pakhtun Kot, Alar, Qaramqal, Sherin Tagab and Qargha districts.
Interviews progress from the development of the field of ALAR through applications in education and business, such as supervising the design of a qualitative research project.
A Merseyside Police spokesperson confirmed they were called to Hoylake Municipal Golf Club yesterday afternoon, but said the suspected hand grenade was a false alar m.
Being among the top 5 percent of the world's leading universities is recognition of our university," said Tartu University Rector Alar Karis.