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an archipelago of some 6,000 islands in the Gulf of Bothnia under Finnish control

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CDON also presented the VAT structure for relevant authorities on Aland before it was launched and was in continuous dialogue with them thereafter.
Over the years, the Institute has hosted visits from politicians and other officials working to resolve linguistic or ethnic-based separatist conflicts who have considered adopting aspects of the so-called Aland Model from such far-flung places as Armenia/Azerbaijan, Corsica and Myanmar, as well as the Baltic republics.
The transaction excludes Aland's consumer health activities.
Aland, who was born in Long Lawford and reportedly made his money in the construction business in Canada, said when he acquired the Lions: "I want to help the club back to greater success.
Vaughan's stable has been under a cloud since the turn of the year but Aland Islands still managed to win at Doncaster this month and with the yard starting to return to form the trainer thinks the six-year-old, along with stablemate Ballyrock, offer him the best chance of success at the meeting.
"At this point we believe they are the oldest bottled beers in the world that can be drunk," said Rainer Juslin, of the autonomous Aland islands government, which will decide their fate and rights if tests at Finland's VTT Technical Research Centre reveal the yeast is remains alive or dormant.
We have a lot going for us already but the Aland bid which was made at last year's games in the Shetland Islands was very professional.
Finnish no-frills carrier Air Aland will reportedly start its first service, between Helsinki and Mariehamn, in late October 2005.
Anglesey is now vying with the Finnish island of Aland for the games.
The Finnish supreme court has decided that PAF, the Aland Islands Slot Machine Association, is allowed to set up an online gambling site.
When the European Union decided to end tax-free sales within the EU, it was considered such a serious threat to the welfare of the Aland Islands that its continuation was set as a precondition for a membership in the EU.
"The balloon came down safely in a field near Mariehamn on Wednesday afternoon," said Police Commissioner Bjorn Andersson, from the Aland Islands, off Finland's southwest coast.
Glanville fritillary butterflies on the Aland Islands have fluttered into a longstanding argument about whether inbreeding matters in the real world.
Invited by the Saxon Academy of Sciences to give a public lecture in 1994, Kurt Aland gives in the opening sentences of this,
As her story begins, she has returned to her native Aland and is struck by the changes that have taken place on her beloved island, where she grew up among relatives and friends.