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astronaut who made the first United States' suborbital rocket-powered flight in 1961 (1923-1998)

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And, of course, there are the two golf balls that astronaut Alan Shepard carried to the moon on Apollo 14 in 1971 and hit with a makeshift club.
BORN OWEN Wilson, US film actor, 1968, above WYNDHAM Lewis, English novelist, 1882 ALAN Shepard, US astronaut, 1923 DIED JAMES Coburn, film actor, 2002, above CAB Calloway, US singer, 1994 MAN Ray, painter/ filmmaker, 1976
March 25, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- More than 50 years since a Chrysler-built Redstone rocket launched Alan Shepard into space, The Chrysler Foundation, the charitable arm of Chrysler Group LLC, will present Warren (Mich.
2 million contract from the Navy in March to overhaul the Military Sealift Command s dry cargo and ammunition ship USNS Alan Shepard, including structural repairs.
Lt-Cmdr Alan Shepard, one of the astronauts who will be among the first human spacemen, was aboard one of the vessels in the recovery area.
For example the name Yang Liwei probably doesn't mean anything to you, but Yuri Gagarin and Alan Shepard should do.
1998: Alan Shepard, first American astronaut in space.
Remarkably, the United States at that time had only one manned flight experience - the 15-minute suborbital hop by Alan Shepard just 20 days before.
Astronaut Alan Shepard brought a 6-iron he had stashed away aboard his Apollo spacecraft down to the surface of the moon and swung at several golf balls.
American Alan Shepard, the first man in space, died aged 74.
Oakland: Along Harbor Bay Parkway, Doolittle Drive, Eden Road, San Leandro Street, Airport Drive and Alan Shepard Way, improving coverage around the Oakland Airport Terminal and the business parks on Doolittle Drive
Commander Alan Shepard, launched, but not into orbit.
US astronaut Alan Shepard played golf on the Moon during the Apollo 14 mission 35 years ago.
1961 - Commander Alan Shepard returned to Earth after becoming the first American in space.
Alan Shepard becomes first American in space, 1961.