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United States aviator who (with Richard E

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I watched it again this FROM PAGE ONE Alan Bennett did or what Dave Webster (right) did.
Birthdays: Alan Bennett, left, Glenda Jackson and Billy Joel
David Bowie, Alan Bennett and Stephen Hawking all turned down knighthoods while Eric Pickles has one - nuff said.
My readers will know what to expect indeed I thought of calling it More of the Same, said Alan Bennett.
Alex Jennings |as Alan Bennett and Maggie Smith as Miss Shepherd
But in playwright Alan Bennett (nicely played by Alex Jennings) she find an unlikely friend.
UNLIKELY DUO Alan Bennett (Alex Jennings) and Mary (Maggie Smith)
PLAYWRIGHT, author, actor and all-round national treasure Alan Bennett celebrates his 80th birthday this month.
The other semi was a rather tense affair as Alan Bennett from Clubmoor defeated Simon Booth also 2-1 on the final black.
PLAYWRIGHT Alan Bennett is to visit South Shields tomorrow as the star speaker at an annual lecture.
I APPLAUD the police for refusing to give Alan Bennett, or any one else, a gun licence for a high powered rifle.
com, which offers a list of over 5,000 book titles that now includes Faber authors such as Alan Bennett, Sebastian Barry and P D James.
playwright Alan Bennett and out director Nicholas Hytner bring to the screen their Tony-winning play about a group of private-school boys and the instructor who can't keep his mitts off them.
But even though stage/film director Nicholas Hytner and playwright/screenwriter Alan Bennett have tried to open up their piece for the more naturalistic medium of film, it might have been better just to aim a few cameras at a sparse schoolroom-dressed stage.