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a village to the west of Alexandria on the northern coast of Egypt

a pitched battle in World War II (1942) resulting in a decisive Allied victory by British troops under Montgomery over German troops under Rommel

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As we got closer to the last battle of El Alamein, we would do sweeps over the El Alamein line, the 50 miles, and we'd go from one end to the other, and, as soon as you were attacked by [Messerschmitt Bf] 109s, you'd form what they called the "death circle.
The rest of Britain's 8th Army fled Libya and regrouped about 60 miles west of Alexandria at the Alamein railway halt in Egypt's western desert.
The Second Battle of El Alamein (the first one occurred in July 1942 and ended in a stalemate) took place over three weeks at the end of October of that year.
Through innovative re-evaluation of the Alamein reservoirs, IPR found new reserves in the Dahab sands, initially flowing 900 b/d from the upper-most section of the Upper Dahab sand and later 1,800 b/d when more perforations were added in the middle section of the same sand.
Pitt argues Monty's aim to put the armour past the infantry front line at Alamein 'took little account of the development of specialised anti-tank guns and formations and of the training of both German and Italian field artillery.
Edwards is a historian and currently a professor at the American University in Cairo who has published extensively on the Second World War and on Alamein in particular.
Big disappointment in the Spring Mile was the David Nicholls-trained Alamein.
Moran and a number of ambassadors visited El Alamein to visit the graves of World War II soldiers.
These decorations are not the same as campaign medals which are awarded for service in various theatres of war, such as Burma and Alamein.
Professor John Derry will tell Washington University of the Third Age about Field Marshal Montgomery of Alamein, 9.
Also on This Day: 1642: The Battle of Edgehill,the first major conflict of the Civil War, took place in the Cotswolds; 1707: The first Parliament of Great Britain met; 1814: The first modern plastic surgery operation was performed in Chelsea;1942: The Battle of El Alamein started.
Here, veterans reveal just how tough it was to be at El Alamein, while actual footage shot by cinematographers during the battle itself illustrate in startling detail their testimonies.
In 1939 he was called to serve with the 8th Army in North Africa attaining the rank of battery sergeant major and was involved at El Alamein.
He also witnessed the barrage that opened the battle of El Alamein where the British defeated General Rommel.
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