Aladdin's lamp

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(Arabian Nights) a magical lamp from which Aladdin summoned a genie

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uk 10 IT'S PANTO season so conjure up a little magic with this gold Aladdin's Lamp hard case clutch with gold drop chain strap, pounds 40, from Accessorize.
It should be a household term around the world - a world in which all the decongestants, inhalers and antihistamines have been flung unceremoniously from windows, and have been replaced by a little plastic, ceramic or metal pot that looks like an Aladdin's lamp, or sometimes, a little teapot.
Nieve, of Blantyre, Lanarkshire, admits if she had Aladdin's lamp, she would wish for a fairytale frock with lots of frills.
Stafford's Gatehouse Theatre has launched its Find Aladdin's Lamp competition ahead of this year's Aladdin the Wok 'n' Roll Panto with a musical twist, which starts on December 11.
Alas, Aladdin's lamp also burns with a low-energy bulb.
Snooty TV critics may bang on about D-list celebrities and the show's "tired" format, but Biggins gave it a dose of pantomime magic and a shine worthy of Aladdin's lamp.
A little panto magic has decorated it with a huge genie and Aladdin's lamp, and it travels from St David's Centre to the Waterfront Winterland every weekend to Sunday, December 17, from 11.
Several Aladdin's Lamp products for fee-based content have appeared since the deep Web entered popular awareness a few years ago.
They think that they are rubbing an Aladdin's lamp.
With three wishes a month from Aladdin's lamp beggar Aminah first indulges her desire for material comfort, then starts using her wishes for good.
Alladeen's supernatural intruder is, on one level, the fabled genie of Aladdin's lamp, and, on another, the awesome forces of computer technology that can send far-flung cultures spinning through time.
No doubt you would understand me better," replied the beast, "if I emerged each day in a cloud of smoke from an Aladdin's Lamp, wearing pointy shoes.
It would imply that I have suffered a terrible misfortune today in that I did not find Aladdin's lamp and hence have not been granted three wishes by an omnipotent genie.
All about how wizard science would appear ``like the genie of Aladdin's lamp,'' and give women the chance to extend their influence beyond the confines of their own home.
Aladdin's lamp had been rubbed and suddenly from the dry, brown bare desert had appeared paintings, not just one nor a panel nor a wall, but a whole building of scene after scene, all drawn from the Old Testament in a way never dreamed of before.