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a native or resident of Alabama


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Three other Alabamians would be admitted this day, including the legendary Henry Aaron, until recently holder of the major league all-time home run record.
Robertson's detractors say that Fletcher made a mistake in hiring the 50-year-old Alabamian, that she lacked the experience to lead a major retail company, that she has misread the Australian consumer.
It seems the lanky Alabamian will never recover from double-bogeying the final hole of the 2001 US Open, which cost him the chance of a first Major.
Without doubt, the most masterful example of this genre is Theodore Rosengarten's oral history of a black Alabamian sharecropper, All God's Dangers: The Life of Nate Shaw.
Now, in his Walter Lynwood Fleming lectures in Southern History, delivered in 1991 at Louisiana State University, he succinctly summarizes the rise and fall of Wallace as a regional and national figure and goes on to document the Alabamian's profound influence not only on Southern Republicrats but also on Presidents Ronald Reagan and George Bush, House Speaker Newt Gingrich, and the conservative counterrevolution of the past 30 years.
With this law, the long term problem of the use of Alabamian language in state institutions will be solved", said Grubi.
Sulzby Award of the Alabama Historical Association for the best book on Alabama history, this is a political biography of Oscar Underwood (1862-1929), the Alabamian politician who served in the US House of representatives from 1895 to 1915 and in the US Senate from 1915 to 1927 and who unsuccessfully ran for the Democratic nomination for President in 1924.
Ask any Alabamian -- they'll be happy to tell you the benefits and recognition the Trail has given a state formerly ranked near the bottom in national tourist destinations, but no longer.
As a transplanted Alabamian and resident of Jackson, then Indianola, for nearly 20 years, I grew to love the people of Mississippi, the wonderful traditions they embrace, and the state itself.
Justice Frankfurter believed the law was handed down from the majesty of British jurisprudence and based many of his opinions on what would or would not "shock the conscience." The Alabamian, in Bridges v.
Bannon referred specifically to native Alabamian Condoleezza Rice, another former secretary of state, who had written of the election: "These critical times require us to come together to reject bigotry, sexism and intolerance." Without naming anyone, she urged voters to seek leaders who "are dignified, decent and respectful of the values we hold dear."
However, Southern evocations of states' rights pushed the federal government to pursue removal of the Creeks, as neither Georgian nor Alabamian officials were capable of promoting security in the areas where red and white intermingled.
Birmingham, AL, February 07, 2011 --( "Sweet Home Alabama, I'm pleased to see a marketplace online that will help contractors find and compare discount tools," said Michael Cross, an Alabamian woodworking enthusiast when he learned about the plans from ForeignTRADEX to launch a Hand & Power Tools Manufacturers Directory at a
The economic profile of Black Alabamian has been intrinsically linked to the socio-political culture of the state.