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a native or resident of Alabama


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Even though Riley's big tax reform and school finance package went down in flames, he insists he's laid the groundwork for smarter future decisions by Alabamians.
Alabamians are working hard to take care of the natural environment they call home.
AP -- Alabamians consume less beer than drinkers in other states, but pay the highest taxes on the brew, an industry survey says.
Feldman is good at describing how incredibly popular the Alabama Klan became in the 1920s with white Alabamians, and how it appealed to their religious and moral sensibilities and made a concerted effort to establish strong ties with rural and urban Protestant churches.
expressed "shock" that an Alabama appeals court in August denied the Bank's post-trial motion to set aside a $581 million jury verdict in a case involving a finance scam that allegedly bilked thousands of Alabamians out of millions of dollars.
Alabamians can be proud because Mercedes reflects a shining moment when leadership propelled our state to the front of the class.
Yet Wallace managed to wheedle forgiveness from Alabamians and history.
Some 18,000 Alabamians and 230,000 people nationwide are employed by the metalcasting and related industries, according to the Alabama Cast Metals Assn.
Responding, Alabamians collected over $50,000, purchased a prefabricated metal building, and sent a team to construct it on the grounds of the public Roosevelt Hospital in Guatemala City.
For 75 years, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama has provided healthy lifestyle opportunities to Alabamians," said Ben R.
5, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- October is national Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM), and Verizon Wireless is encouraging all Alabamians to get involved with local organizations dedicated to helping victims of domestic abuse.
As per the report, insurance firms that didn't spend the needed ratio of patient care funds on consumers, hence a refund amounting to $1 million is received by 10,000 Alabamians.
Not all Alabamians have accepted Byrne's explanation.
Before the system can focus on work force development needs to fill such openings, Byrne said, it must provide adult education to many Alabamians.