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For these Alabamans, the Clintons "fought for us and presided over a time when the economy was great."
As the essays by Doss and Fitzgerald indicate, a good many black and white Alabamans from the 1860s, and not just modern readers, might suspect it was exactly that.
He convincingly demonstrates the depth of the Alabamans' determination to achieve independence as well as the shallowness of the Union soldiers' initial support for the policy of conciliation.
CC: I feel bad for some of the Alabamans, Mississippians, and South Carolinians I know because they get a certain Deep South label what with being in the heart of the old Confederacy and all.
We hope the church leaders can waken their fellow Alabamans to the moral damage done when forgiveness and justice are so ruthlessly denied.
The two sides love to hate each other, yet when tragedy strikes, as it did in April, an entire state becomes one and chants of "Roll Tide" or "War Eagles" are put aside--at least until the fall--so all Alabamans can help one another.
The nuptials of Alabamans Larry Slater and Jeremy Erdreichthey were already legally married, while a religious ceremony is next weekendwill in the end be recognized by both religious and legal authorities: They were married in Massachusetts, one of the five states that fully recognize same-sex marriages; and their religious ceremony will be at Birmingham's Temple Emanu-El, a Reform shul and therefore one that, under Reform doctrine, also recognizes same-sex marriages.
As for the gentleman's wife, Sheriff Grover noted, "She had armed herself with a shotgun by the time I got there." Good thinkin', ma'am: All rural Alabamans know trouble often travels in packs.
"Through investments such as this, we're able to ensure that as many Alabamans as possible remain connected in every way," said Fred McCallum, president, AT&T Alabama.
It is possible, but it is unlikely--and it is unwise for the administration to bet on the long-term willingness of Arkansans, Minnesotans, Alabamans, etc.
Arranged around this calm center are interviews with those inmates, their families, their guards, their teachers and assorted Alabamans on the street.
Just as those Alabamans and New Yorkers were citizens of the United States, so too New Zealanders (and Australians) were self-conscious citizens of a 'British world', even if aspects of their war experience may have stimulated a greater emphasis on the New Zealand (or Australian) side of that dual identity as Antipodean Britons.
Diversification is a matter of survival for those institutions because between 2000 and 2005, there was a slight drop (0.3 percent) in the number of college-aged White Alabamans. Meanwhile, the number of Black and Hispanic college-aged residents rose 5 percent and 17 percent, respectively, according to U.S.
Issues: Increasing the number of Alabamans who have health insurance; creating a state Military Bill of Rights, which would include a state death benefit to the survivors of soldiers who die in the line of duty; improving education by raising the standards of discipline in the classroom.