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Mayfield began offering its "Select" line of half-gallon ice cream products to Alabamans in the spring of 2000 with 20 of its "more good stuff" flavors, such as Turtle Tracks, Moose Tracks, Brown Cow, and the traditional favorite, All Natural Vanilla.
In addition, a clear majority of Alabamans -- 58 percent -- do not believe federal courts should be called on to rule on the legality of the monument.
Instead, he expects actions against predatory lending to continue to be in the form that Alabamans seem to prefer-lawsuits.
Thousands of Alabamans rallied behind Judge Moore, and statements of editorial encouragement have appeared from Massachusetts to California.
Its 5,000 member companies employ over 750,000 Alabamans.
Now more than ever, with the spring allergy season at its peak, tens of thousands of Alabamans rely on safe and effective nonprescription medicines to get through their busy days.
Representative Johnny Mack Morrow, according to the Associated Press, put his bill changing the state song on hold so that the Tourism Department can poll Alabamans through their website on which song (out of 20) they prefer.
Alabamans also marched for life in Birmingham January 19.
Accordingly, Black did what almost all politically ambitious Alabamans did in the 1920's: he joined the local "klavern" of the KKK, the Robert E.
This week the search begins to identify more young Alabamans who have made meaningful contributions to their communities over the past 12 months, as the prestigious awards program kicks off its 17thyear.
2 billion package would have provided additional funding for schools and lowered tax burdens on the poorest Alabamans.
The fans sent the Alabamans home with a sing-song chant of ``Over-rated
Thousands of Alabamans rallied behind Moore, and statements of editorial encouragement appeared from Massachusetts to California.
HB-363 is a responsible alternative to a prescription mandate - a misguided proposal that would lead to increased healthcare costs and unnecessary burdens for all Alabamans.
Fob James, a vehement critic of church-state separation, tried to put the best face on the court's action, calling it "a great victory for those Alabamans who feel Judge Moore's actions did not violate the Constitution in any way whatsoever.