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a native or resident of Alabama


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McDowell, an Alabaman, took the southern route, arriving by multiple trains after dark in Brezice.
We watched Butler's run in the NCAA Tournament and marveled at Alabaman Ronald Nored's performance at point guard, wondering all the while why Arkansas took a gamble with such a volatile player as Courtney Fortson but failed, like nearly everyone else, to notice a player of Nored's ability.
A native Alabaman, Lovelace became a successful investor in Detroit during the mad margin rash of the late 1920s.
victims" is that the latter almost never laugh, be it the morose New York feminists, Alabaman etiquette society members, or the driving instructor.
Despite a highly-sensationalized case involving tourist Natalee Holloway, an Alabaman teenager who traveled to the island but mysteriously disappeared two years ago, Aruba's Travel & Tourism is expected to report 2.
Our native Alabaman had the most appropriate line for striking up conversations with fishermen: "Are ya fishin' or are ya catchin'?
Thankfully, this Alabaman proves far more candid than his fellow Southerner he lambasted ad nauseum as the Times' editorial page boss--giving us a few digressions on his professional self-immolation.
The evening's best single line comes from an Alabaman, John Somebody--alas, I fail to catch his surname--who has one of the thickest and most pleasant Southern drawls I have ever heard.
Harrison, who beat outclassed Alabaman Wade Lewis in the second round of his seventh professional bout at Liverpool Olympia earlier this month, has long targeted a breakthrough across the Atlantic.
He protects Key Largo Hammocks State Botanical Site, where an Alabaman once chainsawed his way to the nation's largest crabwood tree.
But if nothing else, Shelby believes in constituent service, and one of his constituents is Jim Metrock, another pro-business Alabaman who tends to vote Republican.
Alabaman David Lackey, who told The New York Times he had called the state attorney general's attention to the books, said he hopes that if Barnes & Noble is found guilty, "it will have a chilling effect on the other bookstores in this country.
His fellow Alabaman, Oscar Underwood, contrasted the "pure whiteness" of the older immigration to the tainted "Asian and African blood" of the new.
What is the value of the existence of Prince William Sound in its pristine state to an Alabaman who has never visited Alaska and doesn't intend to?