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a native or resident of Alabama


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My conversations with Alabamans (overwhelmingly black and for Hillary Clinton) and Oregonians (largely white and for Bernie Sanders) confirmed the conspicuous racial chasm in the arena.
Making Belgrade safe for a gay-pride parade; securing Moldova's integrity; and protecting Kyrgyzstan from whoever may be threatening her is not worth the bones of a single Alabaman grenadier.
An exhibition catalog of the eponymously named exhibition at the First Center for the Visual Arts in Nashville, Tennessee, this work draws numerous connections between the assemblage art of Alabaman Thornton Dial and the quilters of Gee's Bend, Alabama in the context of race, class and poverty.
He drew the unfired revolver from the holster of the dead Alabaman, James McDonald, and braced himself for another deadly fight.
Having six US Tour titles in your locker at the age of 38 is a good effort, but the lanky Alabaman is just making up the numbers at the moment.
106) The same thing happened to a fifty-nine-year-old Alabaman suffering from a bad heart, depression, and anxiety.
Beginning with the older generation of women who came of age just after the Civil War (suffragist, temperance reformer, and Mississippi state senator Belle Kearney; activist Alabaman Helen Keller; Anne Walter Fearn, a physician in China), Prenshaw then considers the "wifehood narratives" of Mary Hamilton, an uneducated, hard-working wife and mother from the rugged Mississippi Delta, and Agnes Grinstead Anderson, whose Approaching the Magic Hour recounts her undeviating devotion to painter Walter Anderson, a man whose dazzling artistic talent contrasted with his dramatic shortcomings as a husband and father.
Wanting to come back home, the native Alabaman interviewed and was hired as CEO of Alabama Corporate Credit Union before it became Corporate America.
Fellow Alabaman Sallie Huey assisted soldiers and their needy families "by the sympathies of a Southern Woman" and supported secession "as would naturally be expected of a Southern woman," while still another Alabama woman, Rhoda King, essentially echoed Huey's sentiments.
Her name is Harper Lee, newly arrived to the city from a small Alabaman town, in order to work as an airline clerk for BOAC.
McDowell, an Alabaman, took the southern route, arriving by multiple trains after dark in Brezice.
We watched Butler's run in the NCAA Tournament and marveled at Alabaman Ronald Nored's performance at point guard, wondering all the while why Arkansas took a gamble with such a volatile player as Courtney Fortson but failed, like nearly everyone else, to notice a player of Nored's ability.
It's no secret that the soft-spoken Alabaman yearns to send his Buffs against his old club, now managed by Wyatt, a former Brooklyn teammate.
A native Alabaman, Lovelace became a successful investor in Detroit during the mad margin rash of the late 1920s.
victims" is that the latter almost never laugh, be it the morose New York feminists, Alabaman etiquette society members, or the driving instructor.