Alabama River

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a river in Alabama formed by the confluence of the Coosa and Tallapoosa Rivers near Montgomery

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(2009) for southeastern blue suckers in the Alabama River and blue suckers in the Missouri River.
Visitors can walk across the now-iconic Edmund Pettus Bridge, with its steel arches spanning the Alabama River, and see exactly where it happened.
John Moody, 908th Airlift Wing, Maxwell Air Force Base, Ala., dons a survival suit during the wing's recent water-survival training at the Alabama River. (Gene H.
Recovery actions benefitting the species include the location of additional populations, population monitoring, the establishment of minimum flows below Jordan Dam to improve habitat conditions, the implementation of pulsing flows below Logan Martin Dam to improve dissolved oxygen in that reach, and the development of watershed management plans to address nonpoint source pollution (pollution that does not originate from just one location) in the lower Coosa and the Alabama River basins.
The papers feature a mix of overviews of the fish throughout the US along with studies on specific areas, including the Alabama River drainage, the Upper Missouri River basin, Kentucky Lake, Tennessee, and the Arkansas River.
International Resource News-15 January 2010-Metso to rebuild Alabama River Group's Pulp drying machine(C)2010 ENPublishing -
Meaher was right: in mid-1860 his partner, Captain William Foster, sailed to Ouidah (located in Benin) aboard the schooner Clotilda and purchased more than one hundred captives whom he then took across the Atlantic and successfully smuggled up the Alabama River, near Mobile.
Periarchus lyelli was first described by Conrad (1834) from (probably) the Moodys Branch Formation below Claiborne Bluff on the Alabama River (Monroe County, Alabama).
The isolated peninsula on the Alabama River is home to a unique community of former African-American slaves who stitch stunning quilt patterns that serve as vibrant metaphors for their moving story in the Denver Center Theater Company's production of Elyzabeth Gregory Wilder's one-act play, "Gee's Bend."
Alabama Dance Theatre opens their season this month with the Alabama River as their backdrop.
"We talked about the history of Selma and the impact that it has on the workings of government and I thought of it as I walked upon the Edmund Pettis Bridge and saw a small boat working its way up the Alabama River," he said.
Hare was born in Lower Peach Tree, a small town in Wilcox County on the Alabama River. At the age of 12, he lost both parents within the same year and was moved to Monroeville, where he lived with his uncle, Judge Francis Hare (for whom he was named).
The Lowndes County Commission (Alabama) has rejected a proposal for a three-part development plan along the Alabama River that included a construction and demolition debris landfill, according to a report in the Mobile Press-Register (Mobile, Ala.).
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