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a flat wing-shaped process or winglike part of an organism

a wing of an insect

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and input to ALA on issues important to library paraprofessionals.
These results are extremely gratifying for Ala Wai Elementary and for CORE, which was retained by the school specifically to improve the reading skills of its students.
Other than the limited work of the ALA Committee on Work with the
Sheryle Bracy, Southside Elementary School, Tuscumbia, Ala.
It was the first time ALA had spoken out against censorship at an official hearing, and some in ALA questioned the wisdom of the action.
In librarianship, one of the first indicators of political unrest surfaced at the 1968 annual ALA conference in Kansas City.
The ALA seal is the latest in the growing list of education awards for BrainPOP, including the District Administration Curriculum Award, Forbes Best of the Web, and AEP's Distinguished Achievement Award for Educational Websites for Children.
Since ALA is unstable, it may have oxidized during storage, leading to the formation of potentially deleterious compounds.
Maintaining that nearly TL 600,000 ($225,000) was spent on renovating the official residence, normally allocated to the governor of Ankara, before Ala settled into the residence, the report said the current Ankara governor is staying in a residence normally allocated to the Ankara police chief as the governor's residence is still being occupied by Ala.
This systematic review incorporated 27 original studies and included 251,049 individuals and found that overall ALA exposure was associated with lower risk of CVD.
The alliance of the two companies will mean that ALA and its guests will be able to take advantage of EMS's buying power and range of product offerings.
Editor's note: For the article in question, NUTRACEUTICALS WORLD made repeated attempts to contact multiple companies with an interest in ALA, but only received a response from one.
Tyson will sell plants at Ashland and Gadsden, Ala.
ALA in HIV-infected patients has not been well characterized, although several case series have been reported (2,4).
ALA noted that while the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has pledged to issue guidelines for limiting pollution from such sources, the agency has yet to take any action.