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missionary work for Islam


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Al-Da'wa as a Shi'ite religious movement was co-founded in the 1960s by Grand Ayatullah Muhammad-Baqer al-Sadr, who in 1980 was executed by Saddam's regime.
But most of Maleki's critics - notably including the Kurdish parties in the north, the Sunni Arab parties in the centre and west, and the Shi'ite Islamist parties in the south - say al-Wasat is nothing but a front for the PM's faction of al-Da'wa al-Islamiya movement (see below).
Fleeing Iraq to Iran in the early 1980s along with the Hakim family, Shahroudi then helped found the SIIC when this group was a coalition of various Shi'ite Iraqi movements including the now splintered al-Da'wa al-Islamiya.
Called Iraqi National Alliance (INA), the coalition excludes Maleki's faction of al-Da'wa al-Islamiya movement but includes all the major Iran-backed Shi'ite Arab parties, such as the Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council (SIIC), the Sadrist movement, the Da'wa faction of former PM Ibrahim al-Ja'fari, the Iraqi National Congress (INC)_of Ahmad Chalabi, al-Fadhila al-Islamiya, etc.
Speculation in the capital is that al-Wasat will enter into alliance with the leading Shi'ite political blocs already in the 275-seat Iraqi Council of Representatives (parliament), including the Shi'ite umbrella coalition known as United Iraqi Alliance (UIA), which is led by SIIC and factions of al-Da'wa, and the secular Iraqi National Congress (INC) led by secular Shi'ite politician Ahmad al-Chalabi.
SOC), by far the biggest crude oil producer in the country, Ja'far is a prominent Shi'ite and a member of PM Maleki's faction of al-Da'wa al-Islamiyah.
Makhyoun cited the recent arrest of Yasser Al-Borhamy, Deputy Chairman of the Al-Da'wa Al-Salafia, at the Borg Al-Arab airport, for holding views in opposition to the Brotherhood's.
He began his political career in the late 1970s as a member of al-Da'wa al-Islamiya, at the time the main Shi'ite movement in Iraq.
Abadi is still a member of the Shi'ite al-Da'wa party headed by Foreign Minister and ex-PM Ibrahim al-Ja'fari and his deputy Maleki.
He was referring to ex-PM Nuri al-Maleki, a puppet of the Safawi theocracy, and his like-minded allies in al-Da'wa movement and State of Law bloc.
Zamili, a senior member of a Shi'ite Arab bloc led by al-Da'wa, said the QF-guided Shi'ite militias in Iraq had long been suspicious of the US and saw Russia's intervention as an opportunity to turn the tables".
A member of the party's Presidential Council, Salah Abed El-Maksood, told Daily News Egypt on Saturday that Al-Nour Party is completely different from Al-Da'wa Al-Salafia (Salafist Call).
SOC), the biggest crude oil producer in the country, Ja'far is a prominent Shi'ite and a member of ex-PM Nuri al-Maleki's faction of al-Da'wa al-Islamiyah.
In 1980, Saddam's dictatorship executed two of his brothers for being part of the banned al-Da'wa al-Islamiya movement.
Both Hakim leaders promoted Abdul-Mahdi as SIIC's candidate to the post of independent Iraq's PM after the 2005 legislative elections, competing with Dr Ibrahim al-Ja'fari who headed a faction of the Ja'fari al-Da'wa al-Islamiya (Da'wa) movement.