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missionary work for Islam


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He was referring to ex-PM Nuri al-Maleki, a puppet of the Safawi theocracy, and his like-minded allies in al-Da'wa movement and State of Law bloc.
The INA groups Iraq's largest Shi'ite Arab blocs including Dr Ja'fari's faction of al-Da'wa al-Islamiya (a rival of a Da'wa faction headed by PM Maleki - with al-Da'wa as a Shi'ite movement being split into several parts and most of them now have different names).
Iraq: US battalion stationed near headquarters of al-Da'wa ruling party in Baghdad.(IY)
QCVA is also working in co-ordination with the Somali embassy in Doha and the Doha office of Munazzamat al-Da'wa al-Islamiia , an international non-governmental religious organisation based in Sudan, which will deliver the materials to the people in Somalia.
In Iraq around 1957, Fadlallah, a seminary student, was among the founders of the Islamic Mission Party (al-Da'wa al-Islamiyah) in Najaf, an Iraqi Shia answer to the burgeoning mass movements of the era--the Communist and the Baath parties.
"There are negotiations between al-Iraqia list and many other lists, except al-Da'wa Party, about the upcoming Iraqi elections," reported the ex-Iraqi PM and head of al-Iraqia list, Iyad al-Alawai, to American al-Hurra Satellite Channel.
Furthermore, the currently receding civil war has given way to an ethnic confrontation between the two ruling Shiite parties, al-Da'wa and The Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq (SCIRI) on the one hand, and their Kurdish counterparts the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) and the Kurdish Democratic Party (KDP) on the other hand.
In an interview with AP, new interim vice-president Ibrahim Al-Jaafari (who is leader of the numerous Shiite party, Al-Da'wa) said, that in the event of "excess challenges" emergency laws had their place.
To answer these questions, I will briefly observe the history of al-Da'Wa Party established on the basis of al-Sadr's thought, and compare it with other Islamic organizations and its offshoots.
Iraq and Iran each host a number of groups opposing the other's government, with those in Iran including the Iraqi fundamentalist al-Da'wa party.
In 1980, Saddam's dictatorship executed two of his brothers for being part of the banned al-Da'wa al-Islamiya movement.
Tribune News Network Doha Qatar Cancer Society (QCS ) has announced Munazzamat Al-Da'wa Al-Islamiyya and Roche Pharmaceutical Company as the silver sponsor of the Breast Cancer Conference to be held under the patronage of Prime Minister and Minister of Interior HE Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa al Thani on October 28 and 29.
Maleki heads a faction of al-Da'wa al-Islamiya and the State of Law (SoL) bloc.
In a report out on June 9, the New York-based Human Rights Watch (HRW) noted that the US had warned Iraq's Shi'ite PM Haidar al-Abadi (a moderate member of al-Da'wa but weakened by the party's corrupt and powerful leaders) that there will be no cover from the American-led Western air forces for any operations in which the PMF were involved.