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joint capital (with Riyadh) of Saudi Arabia

a place that attracts many visitors

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Meanwhile, the owners of the bus terminals serving Al-Makkah Coaches and Frontier Punjab Travels have already filed intra court appeal (ICA) against the decision of IHC Justice Shaukat Aziz Siddiqui.
He then pledged allegiance to Daesh's emir of Azaz, Abu Maez al-Makkah.
During the operation, jointly conducted by the Enforcement Directorate and Directorate of Municipal Administration (DMA), four rooms, two canteen cabins, two ticket counters and one shed of Al-Makkah Coach were demolished.
The terminals which were razed to ground include Faisal Movers, Islamabad Express, Raja Travel, Frontier Punjab, and Al-Makkah Travels.
The filtration plants were operating under the name of Hunza Pure Water, Eries, Jami Water, Ever Life Drinking Water, Evo Pure Water, Premium Care Water, Aquifer, Atlantis Plus, Good Water Plant, Water Berry, Water Max, Cool Valley, Blue Ice, Al-Makkah, ORO Water Filtration Plant, HK Water Filtration Plant, Pharmagin Water Filtration Plant, Blue Pearl Water Filtration Plant, Al Masafi, Aqua Oasis, Hashmi Sons Traders, Dew Drops and Nawab Water Filter Water.
The PFF representatives Hajan and Yaseen Tunio said that at Thatta district two boats namely Al-Karam and Al-Makkah, owned by Siddique Thaheem and Hussain Wangi respectively are still missing, and each of the boat has 5 fishermen who left for offshore some 7 days ago.
According to Rescue 1122 sources a wedding function was being held on the rooftop of a house in Basti Odanwali on Bhakhar Road near Al-Makkah Petroleum.