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Synonyms for Algiers

an ancient port on the Mediterranean

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(29) December 18, 2014, "Dirasa tawthiqiya li-'amaliya "al-muwaqiyun bi-al-dima'" al-fida'iyah bi al-jaza'ir.
In the case of Jund al-Khilafa fi Ard al-Jaza'ir (Algeria), the allegiance with the Islamic State, combined with the execution of a French hostage broadcast to the world, brought a significant reaction from the Algerian government.
Following the Algerian government's rapid unrelenting response to the tourist's murder, the group, Jund al-Khilafa fi Ar al-Jaza'ir, went silent.
(19) 18 December 2014, Dirasa tawthiqiya li-'amaliya "almuwaqiyun bi-al-dima'" al-fida'iyah bi al-jaza'ir