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a coastal region of the western Arabian Peninsula bordering on the Red Sea

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Eight citizens were killed and others were injured when militants blew up an explosive device planted in al-Hijaz Square in Damascus on Wednesday.
Walking Against Traffic" focuses on tourism in the Middle East during the Moslem month of Al-Hijaz, when pilgrims travel to Mecca.
Earlier still, the QF master-mind of al-Khobar's big 1996 blast which killed 19 US airmen was caught in Beirut after returning from Tehran and sent to Riyadh (see the story of the Hizbullah al-Hijaz man, "Ahmed al-Mughassil", via Google).
Another shell fell on a car parking behind al-Hijaz Station, injuring 3 citizens.
In an embodiment of the solid national unity among the Syrian people, people of Damascus of all spectrums flocked to the squares of Saba Bahrat and al-Hijaz, carrying national flags and chanting slogans calling for standing as one and working together to confront the challenges facing their country.
The Al-Shawqiyyah branch municipality will do the same for its residents at the Um Al-Kidad park while the Al-Otaibiyah branch municipality will hold its Eid celebrations at the car park area of Souk (market) Al-Hijaz.
What differentiates Al-Hijaz from the rest of the world is that it is a country that was not exhausted by dictatorship.
al-'Umari, Al-Hiraf wa al-Sina'at fi al-Hijaz fi 'Asr Rasul Allah (Riyadh: 'A.
26 Said Mughassel Was Head Of QF's Hezbollah Al-Hijaz Based In The Oil-Rich Saudi Eastern Province City Of Qatif, A Shi'ite Centre
Al-Zoubi pointed out that Saudi Arabia is now funding attacks on the Syrian army which once entered Hafr al-Baten area during the invasion of Kuwait to protect the people of Najd and al-Hijaz, saying that this is how Saudi Arabia repays the Syrian army.
Mohammed Mansour, a salesman at an abaya store in Souk Al-Hijaz refused to sell such abayas.
Havana, (SANA) - Students and the Syrian community in Cuba condemned the recent terrorist bombings that hit al-Hijaz Square in Damascus and Dawar Omran in Sweida Province, claiming the lives of a number of citizens, as they also renewed support to the Syrian leadership and army.