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Synonyms for alfresco

in the open air

outside a building

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Feel free to pile on the paper lanterns and garlands - use solar lights for when the sun's gone down -a nd add jewel-coloured glassware for a dash of glamour.John Lewis is a brilliant destination for homeware that will ramp up al fresco style, including a brilliant range of tableware and furniture.
The group will then check into the Al Fresco's real-life hotel reception, where they will be issued with room keys that open the doors to three luxury barns.
Or if you prefer al fresco dining, why not make the most of the extensive range of mouthwatering dining choices alongside the Mailbox's beautiful canalside while enjoying the spring sunshine?
Its changeable grill set in the centre of the table allows you to enjoy long summer evenings with friends sampling al fresco food.
If you're lucky enough to have a patio that's spacious, consider getting an outdoor daybed that sets the mood for lazing the summer days away, or a picnic table for dining al fresco.
AL FRESCO Reveller dines out, and below, a performance artist
On TripAdvisor, the al fresco restaurant is currently listed among the top five Aqaba restaurants, as well as being the city's top-rated fine dining venue.
EVENING When the sun sets and the city is cooler I love dining al fresco. For dinner I would head to one of the restaurants that have a view of the Dubai fountains.
Al Fresco Holidays boast 70 caravan parks in Europe.
The venue houses a laid-back dining area, a bar and intimate garden space perfect for al fresco dining.
Kayem Foods, the Chelsea, Mass.-based manufacturer of the al fresco all natural brand, best known for its gourmet chicken sausage, has released two chicken bacon products in the line, al frescos uncured ready-to-cook and uncured ready-to-eat chicken bacon have 70 percent less fat than cooked pork bacon according to USDA data.
Al desco al fresco: An adult version of "Miss, it's sunny out, can we have lessons on the field?", al desco al fresco sees entire offices moved out into the street so we can catch those rare sunny days in full.
WATCH Fantastic Mr Fox on his adventure, al fresco on a blow-up cinema screen.