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a terrorist network intensely opposed to the United States that dispenses money and logistical support and training to a wide variety of radical Islamic terrorist groups

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The Dark Side is a dramatic, riveting, and definitive narrative account of how the United States made terrible decisions in the pursuit of terrorists around the world - decisions that not only violated the Constitution to which White House officials took an oath to uphold, but also hampered the pursuit of Al Queda.
He also recognizes that some believe the conflict is with al Queda but that others think it is a conflict with a worldwide Islamic challenge to Western culture.
Panetta put no timeline on America's victory over Al Queda, saying only "more work" is required.
As this issue goes to press, we're just back from a slightly more exciting than normal few days in the nation's capital, where the national Association for Advanced Life Underwriting's annual meeting just happened to coincide with the daring "black ops"-styled raid on the Pakistani hiding place of Al Queda leader Osama bin Laden.
The next was Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, the first elected Prime Minister of Pakistan, who, despite his obvious limitations, was a modern and secular leader dedicated to evolution of socialist democracy in his country, and his daughter, Benazir Bhutto, who was assassinated on December, 27, 2007 probably by a cadre of the dreaded Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, an off shoot of the al Queda lost her life because she was perceived to be a stooge of the Americans.
Infecting the Taliban Al Queda and Sunni insurgents in Iraq
The Danish Research Institute found many links to Al Queda and other global Jihad operatives.
UOG is a designated by federal authorities as a terrorist entity, and is headed by Yusuf al Qaradawi, the spiritual head of the Muslim Brotherhood which gave birth to Hamas and Al Queda.
at most, few Afghan Guantanamo prisoners committed violent acts; -- 95% were seized by bounty hunters paid $5,000 per claimed Taliban and $25,000 for alleged Al Queda members; and -- 20 were children, some as young as 13, but all were brutally tortured as later revealed.
Having inherited George Bush's war, he immediately redefined the goal in Afghanistan as defeating al Queda and its extremists Taliban allies, and denying them a sanctuary to launch attacks against America.
The Pakistanis had been persistent that the US is only interested in hunting Bin Laden and Al Queda leaders rather than helping them in getting rid of the Taliban terror network both in Pakistan and Afghanistan.
When the Taliban, with the aid of the Americans, had driven the Soviet Union out of Afghanistan, they then provided training grounds for Al Queda to attack America.
Meanwhile, after being virtually ignored for years Afghan women were suddenly thrown into the international limelight, as the embodiment of the backwards and barbaric reality that Al Queda fanatics were allegedly seeking to impose on the entire world.
The government's 'proof' consisted of three unsubstantiated documents that accused the detainee of having attended an Al Queda training camp.
The two insurgent groups in question are Al Queda and the Mahdi Militia.