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a terrorist network intensely opposed to the United States that dispenses money and logistical support and training to a wide variety of radical Islamic terrorist groups

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As this issue goes to press, we're just back from a slightly more exciting than normal few days in the nation's capital, where the national Association for Advanced Life Underwriting's annual meeting just happened to coincide with the daring "black ops"-styled raid on the Pakistani hiding place of Al Queda leader Osama bin Laden.
The Danish Research Institute found many links to Al Queda and other global Jihad operatives.
As for torture, Stern should take some of his buddies, head for northern Pakistan and talk to the Taliban and Al Queda about beheading Americans.
Undercover FBI agents, posing as members of an al Queda 'sleeper' cell, were introduced to Smadi, who repeatedly indicated to them that he came to the US for the specific purpose of committing 'Jihad for the sake of God'.
The Pakistanis had been persistent that the US is only interested in hunting Bin Laden and Al Queda leaders rather than helping them in getting rid of the Taliban terror network both in Pakistan and Afghanistan.
When the Taliban, with the aid of the Americans, had driven the Soviet Union out of Afghanistan, they then provided training grounds for Al Queda to attack America.
A cinco dias de las elecciones estadounidenses se descubre y evita un terrible atentado de Al Queda.
The incident provoked a warning that the extremely effective Al Queda brain trust has found a new way to frighten us.
These overcrowded camps are now considered breeding grounds for fundamentalist Islamist organisations supported by a variety of sponsors ranging from Al Queda to Hamas.
A superbly crafted and highly recommended political thriller, "Stinger" is about the conflict between Russia and American interests in Afghanistan that led to the rise of the Taliban and was to eventual provide a staging base for Al Queda and the attack of 9/11.
Then finally it was off to Afghanistan, interrogating Al Queda suspects on their way to Cuba.
Bush, creador de la "guerra preventiva" y de la tragedia de Irak, y el grupo terrorista Al Queda sigue tan campante.
Pero Clarke, quien queria que Estados Unidos concentrara sus energias en Al Queda, estaba alarmado por lo que escucho dentro del circulo central de los halcones de Bush.
As someone who spent most of his life as a police officer, I think the government should be spending its resources and our money finding bin Laden and destroying Al Queda, not launching investigations into which jocks are using supplements determined immoral by the federal government.
I hope ETA in return have mass hunger strikes, and start dropping like flies - whether it was ETA or Al Queda that staged the massacre.