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a terrorist network intensely opposed to the United States that dispenses money and logistical support and training to a wide variety of radical Islamic terrorist groups

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Yet we were less than a decade from the Russian invasion that would herald the beginning of the end of the Soviet Empire and would sow the seeds of the Taliban and eventually al Quaida.
On November 13, 2001, President Bush signed a military order authorizing the creation of military tribunals to try individual noncitizens of the United States who are suspected to be members of an organization known as al Quaida, or who have been engaged in international terrorism against the United States.
This week last year the bombing began against Al Quaida and the Taliban.
Since the situation in Afghanistan is now developing positively for the people seven weeks after the beginning of the US and British military attacks on Al Quaida and the Taliban, hope is growing that in Afghanistan and elsewhere attention can now focus more on political solutions.
Omar has been captured by the authorities in Pakistan and President Bush has personally asked for the Islamic fundamentalist, whomay have links to al Quaida, to be extradited to the United States.
Mohamed and al-Owhali both escaped a death sentence for their role in the attacks, although prosecutors had admitted they were footsoldiers in bin Laden's Al Quaida terror group.
An extra 1,500 police officers will be on the streets of London this weekend as senior Scotland Yard officers warned the city could be the next target for Osama bin Laden's Al Quaida terror network.
The current demonisation of Islamic immigrant communities will be the best news Al Quaida could ask for.
These texts supply evidence crucial to an understanding of the mix of Koranic scholarship, CIA training, interventions in Gulf politics and messianic antiimperialism that has formed the core of Al Quaida.
Then you told the world that Saddam was harbouring al Quaida and amassing Weapons of Mass Destruction,and the world believed you because you are supposed to have spy satellites that can read a newspaper headline from 100 miles up.
He told delegates that so far there was no evidence to link Iraq directly with Al Quaida and the September 11 attacks.
TWO suspected al Quaida terrorists being held at the controversial Camp X-Ray in Cuba are from the West Midlands, it was revealed last night.
But in spite of trying to use antiTaliban fighters in northern Afghanistan to find the leader of terrorist organisation Al Quaida, US intelligence still cannot pinpoint bin Laden's whereabouts today.
Bin Laden's Al Quaida network has flooded Britain and America with heroin to fund its plots while trying to destabilise both nations.