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a terrorist network intensely opposed to the United States that dispenses money and logistical support and training to a wide variety of radical Islamic terrorist groups

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Algeria has been reportedly pressured as of late by western states seeking a naturalisation of relations in order to create security co-ordination in North Africa between Algeria and Morocco that would efficiently thwart al Qa'eda's plans in the region.
Combined the two reports make the war on Iraq, whether to neutralize Iraq's WMD or to destroy an alleged link between Saddam Hussein and Al Qa'eda, unnecessary and even unjustified if taken within the context of America's war on international terrorism.
But when the USS Cole was bombed in Aden, with the loss of 17 American sailors, John wrote home justifying this Al Qa'eda terrorist act.
It is the disconnect of so many Yemenis from the global economy, and their isolation from their countrymen, that has allowed groups such as al Qa'eda to operate in the country.
Abu Dhabi, Dec 28 (ANI): Two Pakistan nationals accused of running a jihadi organisation, and aiding and abetting al Qa'eda have gone on trial in the United Arab Emirates.
In addition to juggling an insurgency in the north and a separatist movement in the south, the Yemeni government is struggling to combat a resurgent wing of al Qa'eda as well as increasing economic hardship.
Also in Washington, State Department deputy spokesman Adam Ereli said, "Jordanians captured some individuals who they believe were affiliated with the Al Qa'eda network."Siberell also said suspects were planning to attack sensitive Jordanian government institutions.