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a hard-line extremist Islamic group in Great Britain who support bin Laden and other terrorist groups

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He built up Al Muhajiroun, and was Abu Hamza's associate in the Finsbury Park mosque.
Choudary said Mujahid, who had converted to Islam in 2003, had stopped attending meetings of Al Muhajiroun and its successor organisations two years ago.
Mr Johnson said: "I have today laid an order which will proscribe Al Muhajiroun, Islam4UK, and a number of the other names the organisation goes by.
Islam4UK is led by Choudary, who founded Al Muhajiroun in the 1980s with radical cleric Omar Bakri Mohammad.
Islam4UK, a group run by hate preacher Anjem Choudhary to promote the banned Al Muhajiroun sect, plans to march through Wootton Bassett, in Wiltshire.
More than 100 people were expected to attend the protest because of suggestions the controversial Muslim leader Anjem Choudary and members of the recently-reformed Islamic sect Al Muhajiroun were going to be guest speakers at the conference.
Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohammed, London-based leader of Al Muhajiroun, addressed supporters at a small community hall in Alum Rock.
Asif is a former member of the banned radical group Al Muhajiroun and a close associate of its former leader Anjem Choudary.
But the order will also apply to the group's other names, including Al Muhajiroun.
Al Muhajiroun, which Bakri claimed has already disbanded, is to be banned under the measures unveiled on Friday.
Al Muhajiroun, backed by evil hook-handed 'cleric' Abu Hamza, had booked rooms in a top Dublin hotel on Friday.
UNREPENTANT members of Muslim activist group Al Muhajiroun say that banning its spiritual leader from speaking in Cardiff will not stop their views reaching supporters.
The hard-core "16 or 17" Luton-based fundamentalists were known to MI5 and were ex-members of the banned terror group Al Muhajiroun.
Uman Javed, 26, was the chief recruiter for the Birmingham branch of the now disbanded Al Muhajiroun group, which was headed by controversial cleric Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohammed.
Al Muhajiroun, whose aim is to overthrow Western democracies and impose a global Islamic state, have booked conference rooms in a Dublin hotel for a weekend launch of operations in Ireland, which has been condemned by mainstream Muslim organisations.