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an ancient port on the Mediterranean

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But there are no guarantees that the place will be family-oriented and I don't want a repeat of what's going on in Hoora or Juffair at Al Jazair - there are genuine concerns of women in bikinis invading the place.
The Sofitel hotel built in 2011 usurped the popular and exceptionally well taken care of and clean Bapco beach, members now can make use of the Bahrain sailing club a good 15 minutes further on before the Al Jazair Beach area.
The Southern Municipal Council has approached Edamah, a government-owned real estate company, to come up with development plans for Al Jazair Beach, which councillors claim has been turned into a dumping ground and people have been committing "immoral" and "indecent acts" at nights, reported the Gulf Daily News, our sister publication.
Work on the five-star Fairmont Bahrain Resort is now due to start in the Al Jazair Beach area.
BRR members meet on Thursday evenings and Friday mornings at 6am for its social run at Al Jazair Beach next to the Sailing Club in Zallaq.
He has now set his sights on a seat in parliament representing the Southern Governorate's constituency nine, which covers Safra, Zallaq, Al Jazair Beach, Al Motala, Wadi Ali and parts of Dar Kulaib.
The projects include the Bahrain International Airport BIA) modernisation project, the development of Al Jazair Beach, investment projects in Durrat Al Bahrain, expansion of the Alba smelter, and the Bapco modernisation project among others.
Constituency nine: Safra, Zallaq, Al Jazair Beach, Al Motala, Wadi Ali, parts of Dar Kulaib
At the other end of the scale are the thousands of South East Asian expats who have built this country with their bare hands and have no access to beaches except at Al Jazair in the south of the island.
A BAHRAIN company has agreed to reconsider price hikes for chalets on Al Jazair Beach following the intervention of His Majesty King Hamad.
They want Al Jazair Beach to be preserved for the public, but fear that an increase in chalet rates is designed to force people away.
AN Asian man apparently drowned after going for a swim in the sea at Al Jazair Beach.