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the fifth pillar of Islam is a pilgrimage to Mecca during the month of Dhu al-Hijja

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Sudanese researcher Dr Rasha Al Haj said a substance in natural honey helped her cure three cancers - colorectal, breast and ovarian - back in her home country.
Al Haj's passion for time and architectural design inspired him to bring together this piece of art.
"It's not about us, it's not about protecting our lives and saving Syrians from brutality," Yassin al Haj Saleh told AFP in Madrid this week, promoting the Spanish translation of his book "The Impossible Revolution: Making Sense of the Syrian Tragedy".
The event was attended by important dignitaries including Senator Taj Afridi, representatives from the FAW Motors China, senior company officials from PSO, Al Haj FAW Pakistan and Hyundai Pakistan.
"Based on our database, there is no record of travel under the names Al haj Murad Ebrahim and Mohagher Iqbal," Immigration spokesperson Elaine Tan said.
MANAMA: Bahrain-based Ibdar Bank, an Islamic investment bank born from the merger of Elaf Bank, CAPIVEST and Capital Management House, has announced the appointment of Basel Al Haj Issa as its new chief executive.
Mohamed Al Haj, Chairman of Gulfsat said: "This is one of the prime events for us, and it's crucial for us to be here because we are launching expansion of capacity for the second part of 2015.
Opening batsman Shakeel Mahmood Al Haj Saleh made 33, Shuaib Ismail Al Balushi hit 32 and Rafeeq Mohammed Al Balushi scored 26.
Nasser Mohammed Al Haj, the RTA's manager of vehicle licensing, said: "We have done an internal study so we are considering it.
Khalid Al Haj received at his office in Seef Bahrain Handball Association president Ali Isa Isqi, who presented the association's needs to host the 16th Asian Handball Championship.
| AMMAN, Feb 10 (KUNA) -- It was announced here on Sunday that the Jordanian Lower House of Parliament elected Sd Hayel Srour as speaker of the house, earning 80 votes in his favor against 62 for his rival Mohammad Al Haj during the voting process that saw participation of 146 MPs.
Guantanamo Bay detainee Sami Mohy El Din Muhammed Al Haj (wikileaks)
Mariam Khalfan Al Roomi, Minister of Social Affairs, UAE, the web portal was jointly launched today by Osman Sultan, CEO, and H.E Naji Al Haj, Executive Manager of the social development at the Ministry offices.
Al Haj, a Sudanese citizen, has been held in Guantanamo as an "enemy combatant" since June 13, 2002.