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Vice President of the United States under Bill Clinton (born in 1948)

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With somewhat jarring enthusiasm, Dunn, a "progressive reformer," says he takes comfort in the fact that two men he calls "a couple of buddies" came to town (Washington) in January 1993: the Southern Baptist moderates Bill Clinton and Al Gore Jr. (p.
Disillusioned with politics and distraught over what he had witnessed during his stint in Vietnam, Al Gore Jr. and his wife moved their family back to the small town of Carthage, about 40 miles outside of Nashville, Tenn.
That gives an optimistic flush to otherwise uninspring returns, but it also suggests the party is not ready to return to the vision of social centrism and the obsession with national security that old Democratic stalwarts and young Al Gore Jr. have been demanding.
Fate seems to be smiling on Al Gore Jr. If his father's liberalism left him out of step with his times, Al Jr.
Vice President Al Gore Jr. spoke on global warming at the Technology Entertainment Design (TED) conference in Monterey, California, in February, warning of a potential "collision between our civilization and the Earth." Gore also recently addressed the Jeddah Economic Forum and has just published a new book on global warming, An Inconvenient Truth (Rodale, April 2006).