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a militant Islamic fundamentalist political movement that opposes peace with Israel and uses terrorism as a weapon

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The opposition has been pressing for the option, explaining that it would allow Bahrainis to have a say in the results, whereas Al Fateh coalition has insisted on referring the outcome to the parliament.
This show is an opportunity for farmers to get into business deals with internationally experienced animal production companies, establishments and firms, which in return will allow Bahrain to open up new business opportunities in exporting animals and breeding them for local usage," said Dr Al Fateh.
Abu Al Fateh said that registration has started on today, Sunday the 26th of February and will continue to the 7th of March through specialized societies and in the Farming Affairs offices in Budaya.
Al Fateh has charged that the coalition of the opposition was not helping with the dialogue by insisting on issues that had been settled, mainly whom the participants represented.
Abdullatif Al Mahmoud asserted that HRH Premier is a historic leader and those who gathered at Al Fateh agreed that he is among the national fundamentals.
Representatives of all five municipal councils attended a meeting with Dr Al Fateh last week, during which they were told the Finance Ministry was reviewing a plan to pay the private sector to build 600 homes -- a job normally carried out by the government.
We refuse the principle of having a representative of the ruler at the dialogue," Ahmad Sanad Al Binali, a member of Al Fateh coalition, said.
Second stage: Fast lane of the flyover leading from Shaikh Isa bin Salman Highway to Al Fateh Highway will be closed, Saturday 5am until Sunday 5am.
Through RealVIEWS we are looking to create a new lifestyle environment for residential life in the Al Fateh Corniche which is considered a vital commercial area in the capital city.
Participants representing 54 countries are taking part in the qualifications, scheduled to run until Wednesday at the Ahmed Al Fateh Islamic Centre.
If you are coming from Al Fateh Highway, reaching Mina Salman Junction, turning right by default and when you pass the entry at Umm Al Hasam, you will notice humps on the road which give you terrible jerks, a nightmare for those who are already suffering from backache.
l Traffic piled up on Al Fateh highway yesterday evening near the Gulf Hotel after a car caught fire due to a short circuit on the highway.
Any councillor will be able to call one of three men that we have assigned as team leaders in the emergency committee and a tanker will be immediately deployed to drain water, even if the place is connected to a rain drainage network," said Municipalities and Urban Planning Affairs Ministry Under-Secretary Dr Nabeel Abu Al Fateh.
The NUA organised the art event as part of its National Anti-violence Campaign, in conjunction with Al Fateh Youth Coalition and Al Fateh Society for National Arts and Creativity.
The NUA is organising the competition as part of its National Anti-Violence Campaign in conjunction with Al Fateh Youth Coalition and Al Fateh Society for National Arts and Creativity.