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a Palestinian political and military organization founded by Yasser Arafat in 1958 to work toward the creation of a Palestinian state

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Abu Al Fatah noted that BIGS 2012 was themed "Sustainable agriculture for continuous and competitive harvest" so as to reflect the goals set by the United Nation's Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) which defines "sustainable agricultural development" as "the management and conservation of the natural resource base, and the orientation of technological and institutional change in such a manner as to ensure the attainment and continued satisfaction of human needs for present and future generations.
for reconstruction of all 15 of the pipelines in a corridor at a location called Al Fatah, south of Kirkuk.
Randy Duncan, project manager for A&L's work at Al Fatah, elected to excavate the river crossing using sectional or flexi-float barges and a Mitsubishi long-reach excavator.
Finally, Mubarak took the unusual step of endorsing Arafat's movement, Al Fatah candidate Mahmoud Abbas, which is the main PLO group.
He said the inspectors had uncovered evidence that Iraq had upgraded Al Samoud and Al Fatah missiles to have a greater range outside its borders.
State prosecutor Slamet Riyanto accused Djafar of inciting hatred among 2,500 people in Ambon's Al Fatah mosque when he gave a speech there on April 26.
The man behind the plan is a Moroccan, the newspaper said, supposedly a relative of Hashem Menqarah, a prominent member of Yasser Arafat's Al Fatah movement.
26, 1999, Yasser Tewfik Al Serri, head of Talaeh Al Fatah (Vanguards of the Conquest), an offshoot of Al Jihad, said: "We call on the Egyptian people to boycott the referendum, which is merely a fraudulent electoral process whose results are known in advance.
n Egyptian Hassan Adel Abu Al Fatah in Muharraq on May 11
The film stars May, Izzat Abu Ouf, Ahmad Muneer, Ahmad Azmi, Heidi Karam, Dia Al Meerghani, Sammi Maghawri, Hassan Abd Al Fatah, Egyptian folk singer Hijazi Mitqal and new comer Du'aa Saif Al Din.
February 10 2012 (TUR) -- Turkey has welcomed an agreement signed between Hamas and Al Fatah in Doha earlier this week, urging the two sides to reach a permanent national reconciliation in the shortest possible time.
Nabeel Mohammed Abu Al Fatah chaired here today, in the presence of Shaikh Khalid bin Abdulla Al Khalifa, Director General of the Muharraq Municipal Council Shaikh Khalifa bin Isa Al Khalifa, representatives from the ministries of Health, Industry and Commerce and Interior, as well as experts and organisers, a meeting of the Supreme Organizing Committee of for the second Animal Production Sow- Maraee 2012, due to be held under the auspices of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa.
Gen Ahmed bin Harith al Nabhani, Chief of Staff of the Sultan's Armed Forces (SAF) said "the country's military and civil sons of the Sultan's Armed Forces and Royal Guard Of Oman, Royal Oman Police, Royal Court Affairs, Firaq Forces, Omani Civil traditional troupes who are represented the Sultanate's governorates and regions had the honour to perform the great festival that was presided over by His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said, the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces in the presence of His Majesty's honorable guests at Al Fatah Square marking the 40th Glorious National Day, the great memory that is recorded by the history as a shining page in the book of the blessed renaissance.
Ahmed Hadid has signed with Al Ithihad, Hassan Mudhafar has joined Al Ithifiaq and Ahmed 'Kanu' Mubarak has joined Al Fatah while, Mohammed Rabe'ea and Khalifa Ayil are also expected to join Saudi clubs ahead of the new season.