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the second largest city in Iraq

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Twice weekly services to Al Basrah will operate with a Boeing 737/800 aircraft on Thursdays and Saturdays until 5 July 2011 when it will increase to a three-times a week service with the additional flight being operated on Tuesdays.
Even more important, the export terminal at Al Basrah is now ringed by the same militias owing allegiance to Tehran rather than to any central government under control of the American military in Baghdad.
My "nugget plus" wingman and I were to join above the North Arabian Gulf en route Al Basrah, Iraq, and destinations farther north.
Sailors and Marines work with the Iraqi navy on security operations centred around the Khawr al Amayah and Al Basrah Oil terminals.
He added: "The Queen has approved the award of the battle honour Al Basrah and the theatre honour Iraq 2003 to the Irish Guards who participated in Operation Telic.
Baghdad, and the province of Al Basrah in January 2004.
On the Iraqi side of the Shatt Al Basrah canal there are two sudden, violent explosions as mortars open up on the armoured vehicles guarding the approaches to the bridge.
Crew members from the Black Watch battle group fired on the vehicle while engaging pockets of Iraqi soldiers and militia near a bridge over the Qanat Shatt Al Basrah canal running along the western edge of the city.
The aircraft used precision-guided weapons to strike the target near Al Basrah, about 390 kilometers southeast of Baghdad, the U.
Using a pointer, Shalikashvili directed Perry's attention to a disturbing set of photographs, Improbable as it might have seemed coming just three and a half years after a United States-led coalition blasted Saddam Hussein to his knees, elements of the Republican Guard (Saddam's elite troops), supported by mechanized infantry, armor, and tank units, were moving at a rapid clip southward toward Al Basrah, a mere 30 miles from the Kuwaiti border.
Contract Awarded for Third Party Metering and Inspection Services at Al Basrah Oil Terminal, Khor Alamava Oil Terminal and single point Moorings.
Consulate General in al Basrah, Iraq, proposed facilitating a Sister City partnership between al Basrah and Houston, Texas.
With this, Najaf becomes the airline's fourth destination in Iraq, after Baghdad, Arbil and Al Basrah.
Situated in the northern reaches of the Arabian Gulf lie Iraq's two oil platforms (OPLATS)--Khawr Al Amaya Oil Terminal (KAAOT) and Al Basrah Oil Terminal (ABOT).
The Theatre Honour Iraq 2003 and Battle Honour Al Basrah will now be displayed on the units' colours.