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Jordan's port

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The lawyer said his client had no intention of travelling to Syria or join Daesh and Al Aqaba is 970km away from Daesh-dominated territories in Syria.
Hibah Yaseen Maisoon Sameh al-Aamar from Jordan on Al Aqaba Economic Zone Authority in integrating the local identity in modern architecture for Aqaba city.
Al Jaber also said that the move coincided with Zain Jordan's launch of the cable linking Amman to the Red Sea port city of Al Aqaba.
The Peace Boat launched its journey from Yokohoma port of Japan on May 14, and had visited Vietnam and Singapore before arriving at Salalah port and is scheduled to head for Al Aqaba port in Jordan, winding up the journey at Yokohoma on August 25.
This has separated Al Aqaba from the rest of Tubas localities and placed sever constraints on the movement of residents and their access to services outside the village.
CNN's Market Place Middle East (aired from July 3-6) depicts the plight of the farmers of Al Aqaba region.
After reaching Mina from Muzdalifah, they perform stoning at Jamarat Al Aqaba, shave their heads, sacrifice animals and then leave for Makkah to perform Tawaf Al Ifada and Sai, the most important rituals of Haj, next to standing at Arafat.
With the funding now raised, the Rebuilding Alliance, a Californian NGO, will work with the Palestinian village of Al Aqaba in the Jordan Valley, West Bankto hold a and pubicized a design collaborative in July to create sustainable homes and community, supported by people throughout the world, and so lift the threat of demolition.