Epsilon Aurigae

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the largest known star

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The opening of the Sadafat Trading outlet, which is strategically located in the hardware hub of Dubai in Hor Al Anz, therefore brings us closer to our customers and reinforces our ability to reach out to our clients.
The municipality has been working on projects of its own, including the municipality building which will be opening in Hor Al Anz area, worth Dh85 million, and the expansion plan for Al Twar centre currently in its final stage of design.
Dubai - A drunken brawl involving two groups of Pakistani men left one person dead and another injured in Dubai's Hor Al Anz area recently.
They arranged for the girl to be handed over at a hotel in Hor Al Anz, where the parents were arrested when they turned up.
He said Kauser, who was with relatives for dinner in Hor Al Anz on October 24, slipped and fell on the footpath while returning home, following which she complained of acute pain in her abdomen.
Phase one of the new parking permit system will begin in Al Mankhool residential area from today (Monday), with other areas like Al Badaa and Hor Al Anz covered in the next phase.
The police, however, managed to locate his flat in the Hor Al Anz area, where a large quantity of stolen goods was recovered.
The father allegedly agreed and took his daughter to a hotel in Hor Al Anz.
The 29-year-old last worked as an office assistant-cum-bus conductor at the Little Flower English school in Hor Al Anz for a monthly salary of Dh1,200.
The first group Iftar tent is located in the Hor Al Anz area, while the second tent is in the Muhaisnah two area, adjacent to the labour accommodations.
The police received information recently that a man was stabbed in Hor Al Anz area.
The Indian man had finished morning prayers at a mosque when he walked out into the road in Hor Al Anz about 5am.
An Emirati police officer testified that an informant alerted them that the defendants were present in Hor Al Anz.
They, however, can stay in all residential buildings in Commercial Business District areas, as well as in residential buildings in designated residential areas such as Al Quoz 4, Al Ghusais 1, Hor Al Anz and Al Muteena, among others, according to an earlier Gulf News report citing a municipality official.
On being alerted about the theft -- reported from Hor Al Anz area -- the police rushed to the site and found an Indian man lying injured.