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Synonyms for Sevastopol

a city in southern Ukraine on the Black Sea


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Address for correspondence: Eda Akyar, ID Care, 105 Raider Blvd, Ste 101, Hillsborough, NJ 08844, USA; email:
In line with the Greek Plan, Catherine II replaced Turkish names in Crimea with mostly Greek words as Akmescid became Simferopol and Akyar turned into Sevastopol.
Akyar, "Virtual cystoscopy in the evaluation of bladder tumors," Clinical Imaging, vol.
Most recently, 84-year-old Sultan Akyar was attacked in Samatya, after
But Dundar Akyar was finally spotted by the caretaker.
Fitoz, S., Atasoy, C., Yavuz, K., Gozdasoglu, S., Erden, I., & Akyar, S.
Akyar ve arkadaslari (23) tarafindan ABD'de yapilan bir calismada, 17-35 yas arasinda IV madde bagimliligi olan 102 HCV hastasinin genotip analizleri yapildiginda bizim calismamiza benzer olarak en sik genotip 1a (%62.7) ve ikinci siklikta genotip 3 (%25.5) tespit edilmistir (23).
The research was conducted in two universities: Izmir in Turkey (Aksoy, Uzunoglu, & Akyar, 2017) and Amsterdam in the Netherlands during 2015 and 2016, respectively.
Another approach for the ranking and ordering of fuzzy numbers is given by Akyar et al., based on the incenter of a triangle, which is the center of an inscribed circle (see [2, 18]).