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During the study period, the 169 patients had 7,784 AKs documented on their faces and ears, one-quarter of which were present at baseline.
"If the turbine is built where AKS want it this would spell the end for my business because it would be unsafe for novice and student skydivers to jump."
AKs usually occur in clusters, so where you notice one, it is a safe bet that there are more lurking under the surface in that same general area.
Another product in development as a topical field therapy for AKs is ingenol disoxate gel, a relative of ingenol mebutate (Picato).
"Individuals with at least five AKs at the time of 5-FU treatment had an even more dramatic reduction in new AKs," Dr.
Arrangements between a pharmacy and an entity positioned to make referrals to that pharmacy, or arrangements that may induce a federal health care beneficiary to choose a particular pharmacy over another, are arrangements that may draw scrutiny under the AKS. If any purpose of the arrangement is to encourage referrals of items for which government health care programs pay, or customer loyalty of federal program beneficiaries, the AKS may be implicated.
REDUCED HEAT -- AKS charging coils feature industry-lowest resistance, helping reduce device temperatures while charging.
Before ingenol mebutate came on the market, investigators randomized patients with AKs to one of three treatment groups: imiquimod 5% cream, 5-FU 5% ointment, or cryotherapy (Br.
Located in New Delhi, AKS Websoft is a leading web design company that provides quality website design, web application development, eCommerce solutions, search engine optimization and other online marketing services with 24*7 support.
Aga Khan School (AKS) in Osh convened its fourth graduation ceremony today.
Al Khaleej Sugar Company (AKS) of Dubai plans to raise production capacity by 40 per cent and achieve greater bagging capacity to meet demand from growing markets within the Middle East and internationally.
Other items, such as appliances, tires, lawn mowers and mattresses, will be accepted at AKS Recycling, 15 Cobbler Drive (off Blueberry Lane), Fitchburg, during these hours: 9 a.m.
We've seen many methods of attaching the sight band on AKs. We assume it depends on the specific factory in which the rifle was produced.
Next month planners at Easington District Council will consider the application by Japanese giants NSK, who manufacture car components, to build the turbine on land next to a factory owned by its subsidiary company, AKS, at Davy Drive, on an industrial estate 340 metres to the north-east of the airfield.
The Ash Khan Society (AKS) and the Society of Fellows (SOF) inducted 13 new members at a joint Induction and Awards Banquet held November 12, 2004 in Atlanta.