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Synonyms for erythromycin

an antibiotic (trade name Erythrocin or E-Mycin or Ethril or Ilosone or Pediamycin) obtained from the actinomycete Streptomyces erythreus

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Penederm's specialty dermatology sales force began detailing Mentax, Akne-mycin and Cloderm to the medical community earlier this year and expects to launch its Avita cream in the third quarter of 1997.
Along with MENTAX, the sales force will detail Akne-Mycin, a topical antibiotic for acne, and Cloderm, a topical treatment for steroid-responsive dermatosis," continued Malchow.
The products, Akne-Mycin, a topical erythromycin acne treatment in a unique ointment carrier, and Cloderm, a unique topical steroid indicated for steroid-responsive dermatosis, are both approved for marketing in the US.
Akne-Mycin and Cloderm are brands of the Hermal dermatological group of Center Laboratories.