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an ancient branch of the Semitic languages

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ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Tablets with cuneiform inscriptions that were discovered at the KE-ltepe archaeological site in Kayseri province during archeological excavations last week have revealed that 300 current Turkish words were in use in the Akkadian language 5,000 years ago.
Refugees from the drought-stricken areas flooded major cities downriver, and the influx ultimately toppled the Akkadian civilization, the world's first empire.
Conditions in various regions have shifted abruptly and repeatedly, perh aps even at the time of the Akkadian collapse.
While the Egyptian unification involved city-states of similar language and culture, Sargon ruled over peoples with different languages and cultures, his Akkadians being dominant over the others.
The Akkadian language was of a type that came to be called Semitic.
The Akkadians invented the world's first body armor.
The Akkadians emphasized training and technology and used both to prevail for centuries against hostile Gutian, Elamite and Hurrian hill tribes to the East and marauding Amorite desert tribes to the West.
The present translation makes Bottero's systematic depiction of the spiritual life of the Sumerians and particularly the Akkadians available to an Anglophone audience.
His remarks on the liquidation of the Sumerian elite by the Akkadians read like a haunting revival of Diakonoff's 1959 interpretation of the same evidence, in quite a different political climate (I.
Likewise the Akkadian Empire conquered the Sumerians (technically the Sag Giga peoples) and ruled much of Iraq and half of Syria in the Third Millennium B.C.
Moreover, she can work with the original Akkadian and Hebrew texts.