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an ancient branch of the Semitic languages

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The author gives an overview of different attempts in the Assyriological literature to assign specific values to iprus and iptaras in iprus-ma iptaras clauses, starting with Goetze 1936, via Hirsch 1969 and Maloney 1982, to Streck 1998, Metzler 2002, and Loesov 2004, all of whom have specifically investigated the r-form (ip-t-aras) in Akkadian (the semantic connection between perfect(ive) and reflexive in this form plays no role in this context).
The language used in the cuneiforms is Akkadian, the language of the Akkadians, and has many similar words to Turkish," Kulakoy-lu said.
It is a private judicial contract that was written in Akkadian, a language used in the Middle East at that time.
It's now thought likely that the droughts at around that time were partly responsible for the collapse not only of the Indus Valley Civilisation, but also of the ancient Akkadian Empire, Old Kingdom Egypt and possibly Early Bronze Age civilizations in Greece.
It is my contention that shefi derives from the Akkadian word sepu ("foot").
Likewise the Akkadian Empire conquered the Sumerians (technically the Sag Giga peoples) and ruled much of Iraq and half of Syria in the Third Millennium B.
The messenger bearing the Egyptian response was also in charge of some gifts; their details are not preserved as the letter was written in Akkadian cuneiform (the language of Babylonia) on a clay tablet, the end of which has crumbled.
Akkadian (the language of diplomacy at this time in the ancient Near East),
8-inch) long fragment bears an ancient form of writing known as Akkadian wedge script.
He says J= ewish-Moroccan contains Italian, French, Hebrew, and English, as well as an= cient Akkadian and Ugaritic languages.
The probability is that the medium of Welsh is destined for complete replacement by English through linguistic evolution, much as the Sumerian language was replaced by Akkadian around 400BC.
Chemakum, Akkadian, Carian, Illinois, Cumbric and Hadramautic are all examples of what?
The word gryps may have been borrowed as well, as it resembles kar[macron over i]bu, a word for winged lions in Akkadian, the language of ancient Babylonia and Assyria.
The Great Epic of Gilgamesh, some 1,500 years older than the poetry of Homer, is a collection of Sumerian legends immortalized in Akkadian cuneiform script on 12 clay tablets.
For example, 4,200 years ago, people of the Akkadian civilization in the Fertile Crescent were abruptly driven from their homes by drought and famine that would last some 300 years.